The Night of Hope and Determination

Aug 16. Kazpravda

By Asel Mukanova

The Night of Hope and DeterminationAbout ten thousand Astana residents had their first holy night Laylat al-Qadr in the new “Hazret Sultan” mosque.

This magnificent building, the largest mosque in Central Asia, one of the most beautiful architectural structures, the “pearl” of the capital, has opened its doors recently and welcomed a lot of Astana Muslims in the Night of Determination. By the way, during Ramadan month about twelve thousand people have been invited to auyz ashar.

A good sign and the grace of Allah was a long-awaited rain, each drop of which brought angels from heaven to hear people’s prayers and bring them to the Almighty then.

– Laylat al-Qadr is the most significant night of the year, because the first verses of the Holy Koran were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad on the very night, – said Kairat Zholdybayuly, chief imam of “Hazret Sultan” mosque at a press conference, arranged after midnight. – Night of Determination is the night of blessing and kindness. The Koran states it is better than a thousand months and anyone, who spent the night in worship and prayer, is happy.

It is believed that anyone who spends the night awake will be forgiven for past sins. The word “Qadr” in Arabic means “to weigh”: during the night all our actions, achievements and losses for next year are determined.

Kairat Zholdybayuly said that the mosque “Hazret Sultan” is to become a major cultural and scientific center. Much work has been done to develop the already existing internet portal . Besides, a competition, designed to revive one of the endangered genre of Kazakh folklore – terme, was launched.