RG Brands (Kazakhstan) announces Y2012 H1 operating results

August 9. KASE

RG Brands (Kazakhstan) announces Y2012 H1 operating results – RG Brands 2012 1st Half sales climb by 11% to TENGE 15.9bn

– Total 6 month Gross Profit increased by 29% to TENGE 6.4bn

– Gross profit margin increased from 35% to 40%

– Total 6 month EBITDA increased by 25% to TENGE 2.3bn

– RG Brands confident of achieving its financial plans, approved for 2012

RG Brands continues to successfully execute its 3 Pillars of Growth Strategy in 2012 – New Product Development – Home Market Dominance – Territory Growth, achieving net revenue growth in first 6 months of 2012 of 11%. The first half of 2012 was in line with expectations as a result of improved sales and marketing initiatives and a focus on higher margin single serve product growth and effective price management.