Proven reserves of copper and polymetals Kazakhstan left for 10-15 years

July 24. Baku Today

Proven reserves of copper and polymetals Kazakhstan left for 10-15 yearsProven reserves of copper and polymetals Kazakhstan left for 10-15 years. The Cabinet meeting said the Minister of industry and new technologies Aset Issekeshev, transmits Portal

“The most difficult situation in the country created by copper and polimetallam-explored reserves of nonferrous metals in the bowels of the industry provide no more than 10-15 years,” said the Minister.

According to Iseke?eva, in the last decades of the deposits opened in the USSR, geologists are very intense researches development is insufficient. “Emerged and increasing trends nevospolneni? cancelled general decline in stocks, and the deterioration in the quality of mineral-raw-material base,” he stated.

As informed the aset isekeshev, many priority mineral holdings far exceed the amounts repaid their gains from exploration. The reserves growth on a number of metals (iron, manganese, gold, zinc), mainly due to revaluation and additional exploration of known deposits and assets on the balance sheet reserves discovered in recent years, copper and gold deposits are characterized by low quality and can not be paid the equivalent of reserves.

As an example, Isekeshev has data about reduction of explored reserves of base metals. Since 2000, copper stocks fell by 2.4 million tons (5.8 per cent); zinc and lead, respectively, at 7.2 million tonnes (19.8 per cent) and 1.1 million tonnes (6.5 per cent); bauxite reserves decreased by 54.5 million tons (15 per cent).

“These figures are subject to increase at the expense of exploration. Thus, it is clear that urgent measures should be taken to make up for canceled inventory, in order to prevent a critical depletion of mineral-raw-material base, the material basis for development of the economy as a whole, “he concluded.

And this despite the fact that proven reserves for many species of minerals that form the mineral-raw-material base of Kazakhstan, have significant on a global scale. The share of Kazakhstan in world stocks of uranium is 18 percent, rounded chrome-10 per cent, 9 per cent of lead-zinc-silver-8 per cent, 5 per cent, 5 per cent of manganese, copper-5 per cent.

“The quality of the ore is the world’s leading producers of Kazakhstan. A large proportion of low quality. As a result, today only 35 percent are proven reserves, and deposits on the ten types of minerals (diamonds, Tin, tungsten, tantalum, niobium, nickel, boron, magnesite, magnesia and potassium salts) is still not developed. It should be noted that, on average, more than 80 percent of known reserves transferred to users, such as hydrocarbons, minerals, gold, copper, polymetals, chromium, manganese, nickel and up to 90-98 per cent of stocks. The reserve consists of small reserves and/or complex composition of ores (for example, buro?elezn?kovye ore Ayat group), “concluded Isekeshev.