Kazakh-US military cooperation discussed in Astana


Minister of Defense of Kazakhstan Adilbek Dzhaksybekov met with U. S. Ambassador to our country Richard Hoagland Friday.

As the Ministry’s press service informs, Kazakhstan and the USA enjoy strategic partnership relations and interaction in wide spectrum of issues. Cooperation in military sphere is one of the key directions. Here one should emphasize the importance of the five-year Cooperation Plan should which covers work in such fields as peacekeeping, personnel training, technical assistance and development of the system of military education.

Kazakh militaries’ study in specialized military institutions and educational centers of the U. S. Armed Forces including the National University of Defense and Command and General Staff Colleges has become a great contribution of the USA to the development of personnel potential of the Kazakh Armed Forces.

In the course of the meeting Minister Dzhaksybekov focused on increase in number of actions and events of the Military Contacts Plan directed on development of Kazbrig, study of advanced experience of the activity and organization of the American Army and exchange of experience. It should be noted that 30 joint activities were held in 2003-2004 while in 208-2009 their number reached 100. The U.S. side also provided Kazakh militaries with an opportunity to pass traineeships in West Point Military Academy during which they will get familiarized themselves with the advanced methods of teaching and various curriculums.

Mutual participation in military exercises is of great importance too. Our military troops regularly participate in such exercises as “Regional Cooperation”, “Joint Efforts” and “Golden Medic”. Since 2007 American military servants have been participating in “Steppe Eagle” exercises in Kazakhstan.

Upon completion of the meeting the Minister of Defense expressed confidence in further development of mutually beneficial cooperation between the Kazakh and U.S. armed forces.