Kazakhstan’s car sales surged more than twofold


Kazakhstan's car sales surged more than twofoldFor the pats six months Kazakhstan’s market of new automobiles and commercial and industrial vehicles, including imported and made in Kazakhstan, surged more than twofold against the same period of 2011, Kazakhstan Auto Business Association said.

Official car dealers sold this year 39 592 cars against 17 564 in 2011. It is noteworthy, Hyundai car manufacturer increased its sales sixfold, ZAZ enjoyed 4.5 times growth.

The largest market share (38.6%) belongs to LADA, South Korean Hyundai significantly increased its market share up to 10.42%. Toyota and Daewoo brands have slightly lost their shares. KIA accounts for 8.88%, Chevrolet for 5.79% share. Then comes Nissan with 1.7% sales growth and 3.89% market share. 3.03% of market share accounts for ZAZ. Mitsubishi takes the 9th place with 2.56% share. SsangYong closes the top ten brands with 2.78% market share.