Russia took first place in the ranking of countries-partners of Kazakhstan

July 16. Baku Today

Russia took first place in the ranking of countries-partners of KazakhstanIn the ranking of countries-partners of Kazakhstan occupies the leading place Russia,-this is the conclusion of the experts of the Agency “Rating.KZ “. The rating was based on three criteria: the frequency of meetings of the President of Kazakhstan with official representatives of the partner countries from July 2011 until July 2012 year turnover between Kazakhstan and the partner country and the volume of investments into Kazakhstan.

So, on the first place in terms of frequency of visits was Russia (18 meetings). During the year, the President of Kazakhstan has held four bilateral meetings with the President of Russia. Second, Kyrgyzstan (15 meetings) and Belarus (10 meetings). The top three partners abroad by frequency of visits includes U.A.E. (7 meetings), China (6 meetings) and Germany (9 meetings). In addition, the list includes United States (6 meetings), Ukraine (6 meetings) and Uzbekistan (5 meetings).

Turnover ranking leaders found themselves with Kazakhstan, China (16.8% of total turnover), Russia (16.3%) and Italy (13.5%). the high rate of Italy due to the close cooperation in the oil and gas industry, including the Kashagan oil project. high rates of turnover with the Netherlands (6.4%), France (5.7%), Ukraine (4.2%), Switzerland (3.9%), Turkey (3.3%), Austria (3.2%) and Canada (2.4%).

Most investments in the economy of Kazakhstan in 2011, made the Netherlands (15.5%), Russia (15.3%) and United Kingdom (9.8%). China list ranked 5th place (7.3%), United States, 6-th place (4.3%), Ukraine took the 11-th place (1.1%).

Based on three indicators was compiled by total, which included 39 countries. Leaders on the sum of the points on this list are Russia, China and Ukraine. Belarus ranked 11st place.