Almaty Cultural Events Guide by Janna Prashkevich


Ladies and gentlemen:

You will find below the announcements of cultural events in Astana in early August. Despite the “dead” season, there are some interesting informational occasions for the materials!

If you have information that might be of interest for the journalists, please send it to us! We are interested in announcements, press releases, job openings. The database contains over 500 e-mail addresses.

Concerts/ Parties

Place/ Day/ Time Event Description/ URL
August 1 August Putsch The rock bands of Kazakhstan perform in protest against censoring in the Kazakhstan Internet. Performers: Guarova Kamed (formerly known as In D), Severny Polyus, Eclectica, Jazz Voda.
August 1

Performance of ZimaLeto – an Almaty music project

ZimaLeto is rightfully dubbed as the discovery of the year. Two young men – Vladimir Amirov and Alexandr Kopyltsov – record their compositions under foreign labels. Tonight they present their compositions and the works of other interesting musicians.
Coffeedelia on Zheltoksan Street
August 5 F.A.Q.-Wednesday. Secrets of Photography F.A.Q.-Wednesday is a night project in a format that is totally new for Almaty. These are open lectures, meetings with interesting people who are renowned masters in their trade. At the opening, Erzhan Suleimanov told about Kazakhstani television. The second night would be dedicated to photography. Andrei Lerin and Pavel Slapovsky, photographers from Moscow, will talk about it ( Internet project).
Coffeedelia on Zheltoksan Street
August 6 Z Group Group members:
Oozbeck – guitar, vocals
Olga – flute
Kamil – bongos
Camerton Salon
August 6 A night dedicated to jazz music. Author and presenter – Irene Aravina Irene Aravina is best known to the larger public as a charismatic jazz singer. But many forget that Irene is also a musicologist. Tonight the theory will be illustrated by musical means, and the music will be played by famous Almaty instrumentalists.
Coffeedelia on Zheltoksan Street
August 8 Concert of Dr. Alban This Swedish Eurodance pop star of Nigerian origin will give a single concert. Dr. Alban will perform his hits – Mr DJ, It’s my life, etc.
Issyk-Kul, Three Crowns Hotel
August 8 Dilettantes’ Games Party. Famous urban personalities will be DJs. This time the authors of a popular Internet resource, the journalist Andrei Yaschenko and the photographer Sergey Skorov will demonstrate their musical taste.
Coffeedelia on Zheltoksan Street
August 9 Hearing Corner poetry night The Almaty poets present the second issue of Yshsho Odyn newspaper, an anti-commercial and anti-periodical publication. Each issue is a notable event!
Coffeedelia on Zheltoksan Street
August 15

Funky Shit band performance

Funky Shit, an instrumental band, plays neat acoustic funk

Coffeedelia on Zheltoksan Street
August 19

F.A.Q.-Wednesday. A history of photography based on actual events

Sergey Ledyaev, a photographer, literati, and teacher, talks about the art of photography, the creation of interesting shots, and many other things.

Coffeedelia on Zheltoksan Street
August 23 Hearing Corner poetry night  
Coffeedelia on Zheltoksan Street
August 28 Ibiza Mega Dance Festival 2009. Closing night Headliners: Funkstar De Luxe, La fuente (Amsterdam)
Kapchagai, Beach Resort & SPA Freedom

Sports/ City Events/ Various

Place/ Day/ Time Event Description/ URL/ Contacts
August 1

Assorti Crosssprint

Cross-sprint: competition of technique and speed of AWD vehicles driving. Big-time masters on AWD cars will both overcome difficult barriers and give away secrets from different car disciplines. The jet ski race will be organized in the framework of the next 6th Eurasia Motors Aqua Bike Cup.

Assorti Kapchagai
August 2

Performance by figure-skating Olympic champions Alexei Tikhonov and Maria Petrova

The participation at master classes held by the athletes will cost about 10,000 tg. There will also be a photographer and a photo session with the star couple.

MEGA Alma-Ata Rink
August 8

Beach volleyball competition

The closing of the summer season will not be complete without beach volleyball competition. Information at 275 7921.


Wet Wars detective reality show

Each participant of the game is both hunter and prey: in the beginning of the game you get information about the prey on the site and hunt, and in the meantime someone gets information about you and hunts you. Information at  +7 777 235 19 51. The mass media representatives can register free of charge.

August 10

Art/ Theater/ Literature

Place/ Day/ Time Event Description/ URL/ Contacts
July 30 to August 25 Art exhibition by Chen Weize “Thank You, Almaty” The artist masters genre paintings and portraits of contemporaries. The landscapes show an influence of Chinese watercolor paintings.
July 31 to August 14 Samotsvety, a group exhibition by art dilettantes Love for art can result in a collection of paintings that will be presented to the judgment of spectators.
Vernissage in the House of Artists
July 31 to August 19 Personal exhibition by Tatiana Pchelkina – Quiet Bay  
To August 31

Oriental Scent art exhibition


Oyu Gallery
August 20Young Spectator’s Theater named after Sats


Tour. “His Mistress’s Sons”

Italian temperament and red-hot dancing by favorite actors: Ekaterina Strizhenova, Igor Lagutin, Igor Starygin, Daria Poverennova, Stanislav Bondarenko, Roman Bogdanov, Alexei Osipov, Natalia Lesnikovskaya, Vladimir Timoshenko, Yuri Gorbach, Vladimir Goryushin, Yulia Zhigalina.

To September 1 Summer Salon, an exhibition by Kazakhstani artists  
Directorate for Art Exhibitions and Auctions