At the Kazakh-Kyrgyz border for tourists will create “green corridor”

July 10. Baku Today

At the Kazakh-Kyrgyz border for tourists will create “green corridor”At the customs post “Kordai” at the Kazakh-Kyrgyz border will set up a “green corridor” for natural persons crossing the border without any commercial purpose, reports Kaztag referring to the head of the customs control, customs control Committee (CTC) of the Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan Alexandr Volkov.

“Define” green “and” red “corridors. All individuals crossing the border without commercial purposes, primarily tourists traveling on vacation, as well as the residents of nearby villages will pass through the Green corridor with minimum time control, “-said in a statement released by Volkova press-cutting service of the CTC on Tuesday, July 10.

“Prior to crossing the border, in order to avoid the queues, the Customs authorities of the two countries will shape products by category. The persons crossing the border with goods for personal use, including tourists, no longer have to languish in anticipation will be appearance of commercial goods, “the statement said.

Necessary documents for the vehicles, as stated in the communication will be handled beforehand: “This scheme will act and for vehicles moving individuals, as well as vehicles for international carriage. Necessary documents will be formed to register in advance and be made at the time of the actual crossing. “

According to CTC, the level of technical equipment, installed at crossing points, makes it possible to determine the conformity of goods accompanying documents. “The crossings are equipped with modern technical means of customs control: inspection and inspection systems, automated control systems for delivery of the goods, electronic checkpoints, and so on. The customs officer may uniquely identify moveable types of materials and substances and how they correspond to the accompanying documents, “he explained in a statement.

According to Volkov, these measures will significantly reduce the time for customs control passenger-and cargo.