In Astana a “Hazret Sultan” magnificent mosque has opened

July 07. Kazpravda


In Astana a "Hazret Sultan" magnificent mosque has openedOn the City Day, which also fell on Holy Friday, President Nursultan Nazarbayev unveiled in the capital a new mosque, “Hazret Sultan” in a ceremony.

June 29, 2009 the President laid a capsule in the foundation of the mosque-to-be, and its construction was started in October 2010. Now it is a largest mosque in Central Asia, near the Palace of Independence, Peace and Harmony, “Shabyt” “Kazakh Eli” monument and the currently constructed museum on the right bank of the River Yesil.

Speaking at the opening of the mosque, “Hazret Sultan,” Nazarbayev pointed to the symbolism of the ceremony, which is taking place on Friday, a holy day to Muslims.

In Kazakhstan, he said, different faiths peacefully coexist, so do Mosques, Orthodox and Catholic churches, Synagogues.

The new mosque, named after the great Haji Ahmed Yasawi, is a visible symbol of the continuity of our people’s spiritual traditions. It is no accident that we have chosen to build it among other architectural sights of the capital, near the Palace of Peace and Harmony. The new mosque “Hazret Sultan” is designed to be a multifunctional spiritual, cultural and educational center of the Muslims of Kazakhstan and serve to firm up our spiritual values.

Its building could be called an architectural masterpiece and compared to world’s largest mosques in magnificence and beauty.

The new mosque also includes a library, rooms for reading the Koran and the five classes of 130 seats for education.

Every detail of the interior was meticulously chosen -even carpets and chandeliers, the largest of which weighing two tons. The mosque is equipped with telephone and computer networks, fire alarm, satellite TV, video surveillance and prayer broadcasting. Even the lighting is computer-controlled.

The area around the mosque is beautifully landscaped – five fountains, decorative illumination of facade, lighting, area, driveways, an open parking lot.

The mosque was constructed to meet requirements of the growing number of worshippers.