Ambitious cultural programme prepared for City Day in Astana

June 25. Trend. Astana

By D. Mukhtarov

Ambitious cultural programme prepared for City Day in AstanaCity Day will be celebrated in Astana, Kazakhstan on July 6. It coincides with the birthday celebrations of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev, who is 72 this year.

The event’s organising committee said that a troupe of the U.S contemporary ballet Company E will arrive in Astana for City Day.

Company E is part of the Washington City Dance Ensemble under the direction of Paul Gordon Emerson. A characteristic feature of each group is energy, passion, excellent technology and innovation. By mixing the excellent technique and physical training of dancers with energy, emotion and humour, the City Dance Ensemble founder and art director Emerson manages to create shows full of integrity, feelings and life.

Music of almost all the Turkic peoples will be performed at the Astana arch festival to be held within the City Day celebrations.

The genres that are appreciated and admired by people in the East and West – shamanic chants, virtuoso compositions for khomus (shan-kobyz), throat singing, and epic instrumental compositions, song lyrics of the Turks of Central Asia and Kazakhstan, South Caucasus and Anatolia, the Volga and Siberia will be performed.

The grand opening of the nomadic civilisation festival ‘Millennium around Astana’ will be held on June 29 within the celebrations and the festival will be held on July 4-7.

Guests can visit a makeshift nomad city and view gunsmiths, weavers, hunters and jewellers in the streets.

An unforgettable circus show will be organised for residents and visitors. The people of Astana will see the tightrope walkers, ‘gutta percha’ girls from Mongolia, unique aerial gymnasts from China, original circus shows from Russia and China. Bears, ponies, llamas, monkeys, Ussuri tigers and clowns will also perform.

The first International KVN Festival will also be held.

International equestrian competitions for the World Cup and the Kazakh President’s Cup will be held at Kazanat racetrack in Astana. Riders from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, and India will participate in the competitions.

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev will also attend the event.