Kazakhtelecom (Kazakhstan) rewards millionth Megaline user

June 11. KASE

Kazakhtelecom (Kazakhstan) rewards millionth Megaline userCelebration of the millionth user of the Megaline broadband access took place in Almaty.

The fact of customers’ connecting to Megaline is registered by the company’s single billing system after the customer’s logging in by way of dialing a 12-digit code and the first successful connection to the Internet. The millionth customer, Tynyshgul Dyusenbaeva, a mother of many children, connected under “Megaline Turbo Plus” tariff package (TP) in April this year was determined after a thorough check of registration.

Together with the millionth customer the first Megaline user was invited to the ceremony. According to Kazakhtelecom’s republican billing system, his name is Sergei Slukhaevskiy, he is from Petropavlovsk.

As Kazakhtelecom’s CEO, Kuanyshbek Esekeev, put it, connecting a million of customers became possible thanks to concentration on customer needs. “The program of service management implemented in the company, continuous measures aimed at increasing the attractiveness of our services, enables us to remain a leader amongst operators and keep moving forward with confidence”, – pointed out Esekeev making a speech at the award ceremony.

JSC “Kazakhtelecom” rewarded the first and the millionth customers with Megaline Turbo one year free use certificates, sets of household appliances and tickets for all family members to Disneyland (France).

The new service from Kazakhtelecom was for the first time announced in May 2005 at the annual industrial fair KITEL; from June 1 the company introduced experimental tariffs on the ADLS-based Internet-access service introducing the Megaline service in three pilot zones at once: Almaty, Karagandy and Petropavlovsk.

In the first year of the new service on the market 25,333 customers connected to various Megaline tariff packages. Further Megaline’s customer base was increasing by 200,000 people a year on average. Currently, the largest number of ports is in Almaty – 204,966, Karagandy region – 109,836 and East Kazakhstan region – 80 977.


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Kazakhtelecom (Kazakhstan) connects 100,000th iD TV-user

June 11. KASE

JSC Kazakhtelecom connects the 100,000th user of TV. The milestone user was Venera Murzabekova from Astana.

iD TV was launched in 2009 in Astana. The service enables the digital quality of picture and stereo-sound. Besides, the technology of transmitting the TV signal through an IP-protocol lets a user manage the set of services on his own: to choose TV-channel packages, group them, connect to additional services, order movies and watch the electronic program schedule on TV-screen. In other words, iD TV combines advantages of cable television with the Internet’s interactivity.

It should be noted that iD TV is affordable not only for city dwellers but also for inhabitants of rural areas. The company is the only provider of high-quality cable TV services for rural areas in the country. Currently, the share of district centre inhabitants and rural population makes up 47% of the total number of users of iD TV in regions (except Astana and Almaty) and 24% of the total number of iD TV users on the whole across the country. However, especially for district centre inhabitants and rural population the service is provided under a special tariff package called  “iD TV Alem”, paying attention to their favorite themes and financial capacity. Hence, the user fee makes up KZT560 (incl. VAT) for 44 channels with available services “Video on demand” and “Deferred Viewing”.

From March 2012 for the first time it became possible to watch high-quality TV channels through over-ground networks – these are channels Kazakhstan-Aktobe, Kazakhstan-Kostanai, Kazakhstan-Shymkent, Kazakhstan-Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan-Atyrau, Kazakhstan-Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan-Taraz, Kazakhstan-Oskemen, Zhetisy.

“Kazakhtelecom” connected the 100,000th iD TV-user, Venera Murzabekova from Astana. “For us, parents of two kids, when choosing the iD TV it was important to have a wide range of kids’ channels, order videos, pick from an electronic programme schedule and have a free connection jointly with the Megaline. The second criterion was the provider – “Kazakhtelecom”, a company which you could trust, which is modern and which keeps extending its services. The fact of me being the 100,000 iD TV-user was an unexpected and nice surprise”, – she said.

Today, the number of connected iD TV-users in Astana makes up 17,209. According to general director of CTC “Astanatelecom” Ermek Kuanyshbekov, connecting the 100,000 user is the result of high-quality service and high professionalism of the company’s employees. “Today’s landmark is not a happenstance, but a planned result under the company’s strategic development and we are not to stop where we are now”, – pointed out the head of CTC “Astanatelecom”.

As of June 1 the number of iD TV-users makes up 115,320 across the country. The company’s plans stipulate providing of the popular service to over 130,000 users.