Verdict passed on Zhanaozen rioters

June 05. Kazpravda

By Michael Pugassov

Verdict passed on Zhanaozen riotersYesterday the Aktau city court convicted 37 rioters in Zhanaozen events of 16-17 December 2011.

They were tried on charges of unleashing mass disorders with violence, arson, destruction of property, looting and theft.

Hearings on this case were open, attended by relatives of victims and defendants, media, international and national observers.

Six public prosecutors were working on the case, 12 defense attorneys, 170 injured persons were questioned, 92 witnesses and evidence was examined.

The court acquitted E. Irmuhanov J. Bopilov and M. Sarybaev for lack of proven evidence and they were released from custody in the courtroom.

M. Zhumagaliyev, R. Dyusembayev, S.Akjigitov, J. Yergazev, S. Koyshibaev, R. Mukhamedov, B. Telegenov. I. Shamilov, J. Utebekov, J. Amanzholov, N. Mukashev were sentenced to 1, 2 and 3 years of probation and released from custody in the courtroom.

S. Iskakov, A. Tadzhenov, K. Koyshibaev, A. Duysenbaeva have a probation sentence too and remain on recognizance.

J. Murinbaev, A. Shamov, K. Bekzhanov, A. Munaytpashev and E. Abdrakhmanov were amnestied in accordance to Art. 4 of the Law “On Amnesty to the 20th anniversary of State Independence in RK” and released from custody in the courtroom.

N. Askaruly, M. Kosbarmakov, B. Nepesov, J. Besmagambetov, K. Edilov, M. Aminov, T. Saktaganov, T. Kaliev, S. Utkilov, M. Dosmagambetov, N. Zharylgasynov, K. Zhusipbaev, R. Tuletaeva were sentenced to three to seven years in jail.

The Court recognized the right of civil plaintiffs to recover damages in a civil trial.

The verdict can be appealed within 15 days.