Kazatomprom: Nuclear power plant in Kazakhstan can become one of safest in world

May 18. Trend. Astana

By D. Mukhtarov

Kazatomprom: Nuclear power plant in Kazakhstan can become one of safest in worldA nuclear power plant in Kazakhstan, if a decision on its construction is made, will not be afraid of tsunamis which damaged the Japanese Fukushima, Kazatomprom head Vladimir Shkolnik believes.

“This is a reactor of small and medium-sized FBG – 300, which, according to our partnership agreement, is to be built with Russia. This is the safest reactor in the world, it’s not even 3 +, but 4 +,” Shkolnik said during the panel discussion at the international conference “Kazakhstan – U.S.: 20 years of partnership in the name of security and development” on Friday in Astana.

He said it is such reactors that global nuclear power industry should be based on.

“Unfortunately, in some reactors they make active zones of 1,500 megawatts, where warm accumulates in the event of an accident. But FBG – 300 reactors can withstand not only tsunamis, which damaged the Fukushima, but the situation even if they are completely covered by the water. In this case, they are able to cool themselves,” Shkolnik said.

He said such a project already exists.

“Feasibility study has been developed. Now we discuss along which way we will go in our country and whether we will develop nuclear power,” Shkolnik said.

He noted that today, very high technology is needed for the construction of nuclear power plants in Kazakhstan, in the case of a positive decision.

“By the decision of the Government and the President of the Russian Federation, all the licensing procedures have been transferred from the military branch to the civil and conducted for using them in our joint venture,” Shkolnik noted.

It should be recalled that in March 2011 Rosatom head Sergey Kiriyenko discussed in Astana with the Kazakh government’s management issues of the draft intergovernmental agreement on construction of a nuclear power plant in Kazakhstan. A draft agreement on construction of nuclear power plant in Kazakhstan was developed, however, in general, the question remains open.