Friendship, trust, solidarity – a strategic resource of Kazakhstan

May 02. Kazpravda. Almaty


Friendship, trust, solidarity - a strategic resource of KazakhstanMay, 1 – Kazakhstan People’s Unity Day – was celebrated countrywide. This year President Nursultan Nazarbayev and his wife met it in Almaty, where the main festivities took place in the “Astana” Square. Congratulating the gathering, the President noted that in the 20 years of independence Kazakhstan has built a new state, known worldwide for its tolerant and peace-loving policy.

– Dear compatriots! I heartily congratulate you on this remarkable holiday – the Day of Kazakhstan People’s Unity – the President started. – Thanks to the unity of all the ethnic groups who live in our country, we have made significant progress. Within a short lapse in history – 20 years – we could build a strong, independent state, make it known and respected throughout the world. The friendship, trust and cohesion are common to all our citizens, regardless of ethnicity and religion. This is the core of our unity, the source of our strength and fortitude, confidence in the future. We have shown to the world that cultural and linguistic diversity is not a cause for discord and strife, but our important strategic resource of development.

The President also said that amid continuing wars, social, ethnic and religious clashes in the world, Kazakhstan enjoys sustainable growth and stability. “We have programs for employment and affordable housing to the population; healthcare and education systems are developing. This is our ideology. Respecting, trusting and helping each other, we can address any problems. We have one country – the Republic of Kazakhstan. We are all linked by one goal – to build a happy and thriving country “, – said Nursultan Nazarbayev.

– For the reason of ethnic and religious strife blood is shed in many parts of the world. With instability there is no development. We see this and are rallying more around the idea of building better living conditions.

The President wished good health and success to Kazakhstanis, prosperity, optimism and confidence in the future, and good fortune to every home, every family!

Our republic is home to 130 ethnicities, who perceive themselves as one nation. Our history shows that the differences in culture, customs and traditions are no reason for discord, but rather a great opportunity for development and mutual enrichment.

Festivities on the “Astana” Square opened with dances- Kazakh, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Uzbek, Uighur, Moldovan, Georgian and others – performed by groups of ethnic culture centers.

Each center pitched a yurt in the square, which displayed folk costumes, crafts and, of course, the national cuisine.

Peter Esau from Almaty lyceum № 165 and German ethnic culture center gave the President a Kazakh folk costume, embroidered by the high school students and congratulated him in the Kazakh language. The student was impressed by Nursultan Nazarbayev’s warmth and amiability.

The same day, together with the mayor of Almaty Akhmetzhan Yesimov, the President visited a recently opened shopping mall “Almaly”, which is located under the Republic Square. It is a standing world practice, he remarked, to construct underground cultural, sporting and shopping facilities. Five months ago first subway was launched in Almaty, and now an underground 2-tier shopping mall taking up 25 thousand square meters and a 3-tier parking of 10 thousand square meters. The number of parking spaces, together with above-ground parking is 550. More than 80 shops will be working there of famous brands, a food court area and a cinema. The seismic stability of the buildings is “10 points +”. “Almaly” is equipped with six evacuation exits and has the necessary equipment in case of emergencies, including facilities for shelter from the fire.

There is an underground passage to accommodate 20 souvenir and accessory stores.

The main “anchor” tenant of the shopping mall is a new Bekmambetov Cinema of 400 seats with three standard and three VIP-halls of a new original design. Online ticket sales will be provided. The cinema will be launched in the summer.