First in Central Asia Underground Shopping Centre Opens in Almaty

Apr 27. MFA

First in Central Asia Underground Shopping Centre Opens in AlmatyThe Republic Square in Almaty will host the opening of a new “Almaly” underground shopping centre, the first in Central Asia, on April 28, according to the public relations department of the “Almaly.”

The total area of the shopping centre covers 25,000 square metres. The facility consists of three floors: a two-level shopping centre and a parking area that occupies 10,000 square metres. The number of parking spaces, together with ground parking, equals 550.

The Almaly shopping centre will comprise more than 80 stores of famous brands, a food court, and a cinema.

“The Bekmambetov Cinema, a six-screen boutique multiplex with 400 seats in 3 standard halls and 3 VIP halls, will be the anchor tenant of the “Almaly” shopping centre. The new cinema will differ with its new approach to interior design. Online ticket sale service will be available too. The cinema will screen world premiers, as well as hold exclusive premier and pre-premier screenings of Timur Bekmambetov’s films. The opening of the cinema is scheduled for summer 2012,” a report by the PR department said. The multiplex will occupy two floors of the shopping centre.

Kazakhstan’s prominent bicycle racer, member of the Pro Team Astana, Alexander Vinokourov, will open his bicycle shop of the same name in the “Almaly” centre on May 5. According to the shopping centre’s PR manager Nina Petunina, Vinokourov will present a wide range of bicycles, sporting accessories, and clothing on the opening day. The area of the Pro Team store is 35 square metres.

Petunina also noted that the seismic resistance of the building equals “10 points +” “The shopping centre is equipped with six evacuation exits and all the necessary equipment in case of unusual situations, including rooms to hide from fire,” Petunina assures.

In addition, the “Almaly” shopping centre joins with the opposite side of the Republic Square by an underground passage that can accommodate 20 souvenir and accessory stores. Given the high traffic and the width of the Satpayev Street, the underground passage provides secure access to the Centre from the northern side of the Republic Square.

The entrance to the passage will be equipped with special lifting appliance for handicapped people.

Guests will be treated with apples and sweets, while displays will have live mannequins on the opening day. In addition, visitors will be entertained by illusionists and four artists from the Comedy KZ club. Valuable prizes will also be raffled off by the shops, Petunina said.

The construction of the centre worth KZT 24 billion was launched in 2007. Project completion was scheduled for 2010, however, the construction halted for a while due to the financial crisis.