Kazakhstan has a significantly larger role in German raw materials’ security


Kazakhstan has a significantly larger role in German raw materials' securityKazakh delegation chaired by Kazakh First Vice Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov took part in the 3rd German Congress on raw materials in Berlin.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed a significantly larger role of Kazakhstan in German raw material security and the necessity to activate German companies in this field.

In turn, in his report at the opening of Congress, Akhmetov stressed the importance of Kazakhstan as a reliable supplier of raw materials to the German market, calling on the German partners to participate actively in the industrialization of our country through the transfer of advanced technologies and the creation of joint ventures.

S. Ahmetov also drew attention to a good basis for mutually beneficial cooperation in the formula of “raw materials in exchange for technology” is an intergovernmental agreement on partnership in raw materials, industrial and technological fields, which was signed during the February visit of Kazakh President N. Nazarbayev to Germany.


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Kazakhstan and Germany discussed economic, trade and investment cooperation


Kazakh First Vice Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov met with Foreign Policy Speaker of the CDU / CSU Coalition in the Bundestag Philip Misfelder, members of the German parliament and leaders of major German corporations and industry associations.

During the negotiations the sides discussed issues of the cooperation in attracting German investment and advanced technologies in the creation of modern industrial production in Kazakhstan.

S. Akhmetov and executive director of the Committee on Eastern European Economic Rainer Lindner exchanged their views on strengthening of the bilateral trade economic and investment cooperation and visit of German economic delegation chaired by Chairman of the Committee on Eastern  European Economic E. Kordes to Kazakhstan scheduled on June. The parties noted the growth of mutual trade and the successful launch of the implementation of industrial-innovative projects signed in the February visit of Kazakh authorities to Berlin.

Kazakh delegation visited also the “Siemens” company plant for the production of the most powerful gas turbine units. During the inspection of manufacturing facilities and talks the sides discussed prospects of bilateral cooperation in the implementation of German technology in Kazakhstan.