Days of Kazakhstan Films festival closes in Austria

Apr 04. Caspionet

Days of Kazakhstan Films festival closes in AustriaThe Days of Kazakhstan Films event has finished in Vienna. All the money received from the sales of tickets will be sent to Semei as part of the «Together for a Safer World» charity campaign for the treatment of children with cancer. The Burg Kino cinema was involved in such a campaign for the first time. The residents of Vienna tried to maximize their involvement in this campaign and that is why they are trying to do everything to help the promotion of the Day of Kazakhstan Films, including making commercials and installing boxes for charities. Austrian media also paid special attention to the charity project. The embassy of Kazakhstan and the Shaken Aimanov KazakhFilm studio supported the call of young people. The audience was amazed by such films as the Sky of my childhood, Birzhan Sal, The Tale of the Pink Rabbit and A Present for Stalin.

Peter Felch, Art Expert:

– It is quite interesting to see their lifestyle not only in the museum. We saw this amazing countryside and listened to music. The plot is great.

Actress Karlygash Mukhamedzhanova believes that currently, the Kazakhstan film industry is experiencing good times. Kazakhstan films are accepted abroad and the audience highly appreciates the creative work of Kazakhstan film directors.

Karlygash Mukhamedzhanova, Actress:

– We were very worried while we were going to Vienna to present Kazakhstan’s films. Watching the reaction of the audience, we were amazed that people even gave feedback to jokes and the emotions of the characters. Judging from the audience reaction, people like it.

The heads of film companies also discussed issues of further cooperation. In particular, they have been talking about the festival of Kazakhstan films with the participation of European distributors and famous cinemas.

Yermek Amanshayev, President, Kazakhfilm JSC:

– Today we have met with European distributors and film directors. In Austria, local films equal 3% of the distribution and the remaining part are US and European films. Three years ago, Kazakhstan was faced with the same situation. To date, due to the support of the president, we are witnessing the development of our cinematography and larger audiences.