Rules of entry, stay and departure for foreigners

Rules of entry into Kazakhstan, stay and exit from Kazakhstan

(Approved by Government decree on January 28, 2000 #136)

Foreigners, as well as stateless persons (hereinafter – foreigners), enter the territory of Kazakhstan through border checkpoints open for international and passenger traffic on the basis of visas unless otherwise provided in international agreements ratified by the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In order to invite a foreigner to Kazakhstan you need to follow up this procedure :

– a written application of a  state body, an international organization or a foreign state representation, accredited in Kazakhstan,  shall be forwarded to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan;

– a written application of a non governmental body,  foreigners permanently residing in Kazakhstan,  shall be forwarded to Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan, if it is applied for private, tourist, permanent residence or business types of visas; after it is processed at police, it is sent to  Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

– See also “Rules for obtaining visa of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

Persons coming to Kazakhstan on private, business, student, tourist visa are not entitled to work in the country.

Work visas are issued only at Kazakhstan Consulates abroad.

At a border checkpoint any foreigner above the age of 16, receives migration card, which is returned while exiting from Kazakhstan.

Foreigner, wishing to stay more than 5 days, shall within 5 calendar days after entry into Kazakhstan register one’s passport at a local police or a licensed Hotel. Those who registered at arrival at an international airport (at a border checkpoint), do not need to apply to police for registration.

Foreigners, who has diplomatic, official or investor visa of Kazakhstan, shall register their stay at Foreign Ministry of Kazakhstan. 

In order to transit territory of Kazakhstan, persons need to have transit visa. For this they shall have  visa of  a third (destination) country.

Registration of foreign citizens.

Registration of foreign citizens  at the Police should be done within 5 days after their arrival into Kazakhstan.   This is also to inform, that the Rule on registration of foreigners  now is amended.   Nationals of the following countries  – Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Great Britain, Greece, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Germany, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Monako, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Singapore, USA, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, France and  Republic of  Korea  can  get  registration, while receiving their visas at the Kazakhstan Consulates abroad, or can get registration while crossing border checkpoints  at 12 international airports of Kazakhstan. 

After getting registration at Consulate abroad  or at border checkpoint at 12 international airports of Kazakhstan  there is no need to apply to Police for registration.  If a foreigner does not get registration at above border checkpoints, it is also possible to obtain it at the local police.     

Registration is done free of charge.