E-Services Make Life Easier

Feb 21. MFA

E-Services Make Life EasierThe spread of Information Technology is allowing more people in Kazakhstan to use the Internet and state public services in their electronic formats.

This transformation saves time and money and reduces paperwork. The need for personal contacts with officials is reduced and this in turn cuts down the overall level of corruption.

The introduction of e-government in Kazakhstan has already made life easier for entrepreneurs. The licensing process for any activity is available at the portal www.elicense.kz and its creator, the National Information Technology company plans to include access to all types of permits in the system in the near future.

The idea of creating an electronic government system was initiated by President Nursultan Nazarbayev in his annual state-of the nation address in 2004 when Kazakhstan was he first announced the goal for Kazakhstan to enter the list of the top 50 most competitive economies in the world. On November 10, 2004, the programme to introduce e-government was approved by presidential decree.

The implementation of the programme was planned in four stages: first, developing increased public awareness; second, providing interactive services through direct and inverse interaction between the public authority and citizens; third, creating a transactional interaction structure through the creation of a government portal of the financial and legal operations; and fourth, the creation of a common IT-based society.

The programme was launched in 2005, and in its first two years the infrastructure of the e-government and its basic components were established.

A web portal and gateway were constructed. Electronic inter-agency document flow was successfully launched. Certifying centres and a single transport medium were set up.

In 2007, a regular state database of individuals and entities, united across the country in a single register, was introduced. Twenty interactive state services were provided through the web portal and it has become the single point of access to electronic government services.

Adopted in 2007, the Programme of E-Government Development for 2008 – 2010 set the tasks to expand and develop the basic infrastructure of e-government and mechanisms of access and to improve the quality and efficiency of public administration and important public services.

The breakthrough in the third stage was the creation of electronic state procurements. Now an entrepreneur may participate in tenders without leaving his office. Since January 1, 2010, all public procurements through public price offers tenders are carried out only in electronic format on the web portal of public procurements www.goszakup.gov.kz.

In 2009 the project of e-licensing for business was launched. This simplified procedures to obtain business licenses and permits. E-licensing allows a person who submits an application for a license to monitor the entire process of its consideration. It means personal contact between the official considering the application and the businessperson who submits it is completely excluded.

This process has also been extended to the provincial level. Since September 2009, all akimats, or regional administrations, have introduced electronic documents.

Recently, a new service was launched on www.egov.kz: the filing of e-applications for registration of births. This allows people to get the Individual Identification Numbers (IIN) and birth certificates for newborns online.

So far, 219 interactive and transactional services have been provided to the public in the e-government programme. One hundred of them can be accessed on the electronic licensing portal and 119 at the e-government portal.

The e-government portal now includes 77 state services, processes to pay 21 public collections, 16 state fees, four types of tax payments, and traffic fines. Another 2,000 information services are available on egov.kz.