Kaspi Bank (Kazakhstan) announces Y2011 production and financial results

February 15. KASE

Kaspi Bank (Kazakhstan) announces Y2011 production and financial resultsIn 2011 over 2 million people used products and services of kaspi bank in Kazakhstan. The result was possible thanks to focusing on simple products, opening branches and increasing the quality of services.

During 2011 kaspi bank provided its products and services to over 2 million people in Kazakhstan.

Based on last year’s results kaspi bank became a leader in terms of extending the sales network, and today the bank’s sales network counts over 650 branches, divisions and sales points.

During 2011 the bank actively hired personnel, creating 1,200 new work places for graduates of Kazakh universities. The total number of staff at kaspi bank exceeds 5,000 people.

– Deposits rose by 24% to KZT322 bn.

– Net loan portfolio increased by 20%, reaching KZT324 bn.

– In 2011 the net income of kaspi bank made up around KZT8.8 bn compared with KZT2.2 bn in 2010.

*the data are based unaudited IFRS-conform consolidated financial statements