Senate Speaker discussed main provisions of President’s Address with S Kazakhstan authorities


Tatyana Pylayeva

Senate Speaker discussed main provisions of President's Address with S Kazakhstan authoritiesChairman of the Kazakh Senate Kairat Mami has discussed the main provisions of the President’s Address with the body of active functionaries of South Kazakhstan region.

K.Mami noted that “2011 was a historic landmark in development of independent Kazakhstan: we marked the 20th anniversary of our independence.” The south showed good results as well. Growth in industrial production output in 2011 made 101.8 percent. Agricultural production output has increased by 110.4 percent.

“The region pays attention to development of small and medium business, the increase in the number of active entities of small and medium entrepreneurship by nine percent demonstrates it,” K.Mami thinks.

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President noted in his Address that new stage of Kazakhstan’s path started – Astana Mayor


Muratbek Makulbekov

The President’s Message is an important document, to which our society looks forward every year.

Astana Akim (Mayor) Imangali Tasmagambetov has announced at a meeting of the body of active functionaries of Astana on discussion of the President’s Address.

“The current Address is special, in it the Head of State noted, that there was started new stage of Kazakhstan’s path, which sets new tasks on strengthening economy, improvement of the people’s welfare,” I.Tasmagambetov said.

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Jan 28. Kazpravda

Nurlan Nigmatulin, Majilis speaker, first deputy chairman of Nur Otan party:

– President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s every state-of-the-nation address is a strategic document. This year’s address is a concrete action plan aimed at social and economic modernization. Today, the head of state proposed a new program to protect Kazakhstan’s interests from threats of global crisis. It covers all aspects of Kazakhstanis’ life. It will allow everyone to realize potential, improve welfare. Implementation of global projects, the President mentioned, is sure to give a powerful impetus to the country’s development.

Berdybek Saparbayev, East Kazakhstan region’s governor:

– I would like to draw attention to key points of the President’s current Address. First of all, it’s employment. In anticipation of the new wave of global economic crisis, providing people with new jobs is very important. Second, housing construction, which will also create more jobs. One of the main issues is development of company towns. Zhanaozen events show that we must address the development of small towns, creating infrastructure and constructing new facilities in them. The President again talked of economic diversification; we should not focus solely on one company or one industry. During the crisis, it is very dangerous and fraught with social disadvantages for the population. So we should develop various sectors of the economy.

Alexei Vlasov, a political scientist, director of M. Lomonosov Moscow State University’s Information and Research Center:

– The state-of-the-nation address of President Nursultan Nazarbayev is another policy document clearly outlining two priorities of state policy in the near future – social modernization and development of integration processes, which chimes with Russian realities. Therefore, Moscow experts were so interested in Nursultan Nazarbayev’s dialoguing with MPs.

What leaps to the eye? First of all, Nazarbayev’s systematic approach to social projects. This is not a set of populist slogans, but a mechanism to support small and medium-sized businesses, to raise the level of low-income citizens, reduce the earnings gap between rural and urban populations. In other words, N.Nazarbayev’s thesis that the centerpiece of all reforms in Kazakhstan is man was reiterated.

The same is true about the integration process. The President not only confirms his positive perception of the Eurasian project, but puts forward a series of specific proposals, including establishment of a kind of financial police in the Eurasian space, the fulfillment of which could be started right away. Despite anxious anticipation of double-dip recession, it is safe to say that Kazakhstan’s government is confident and optimism. This is for a good reason.

Nelly Shivrina, director of Astana’s Museum of Modern Art:

– In his state-of-the-nation address, the President announced that in 2012 Astana is the cultural capital of the CIS and Turkic world, which requires top-notch organization of all related events that we can really cope with.

By the Day of the capital we are preparing a major exhibition “Men of the sixties. Turkic romanticism” that will open on July 4th. An exhibition of Kazbek Azhibekov, a winner of the first “Shabyt” art festival, will be timed to Nauryz. The artists follows Kazakh painting traditions, trying to comprehend everything connected with the Turkic culture, and frequently turns to the historical genre.

In late April, we art lovers will enjoy an exhibition of Nikolay and Svyatoslav Roerichs, in which “Tibetan” theme will prevail. Another large-scale exhibition of the collection of our museum will be dedicated to Holodomor in Kazakhstan, we will show canvasses of artists who were its victims one way or another: Sahi Romanov, Zhanatay Shardenov, Kanafiya Telzhanov (who, thank God, is alive), Nagymbek Nurmukhamedov – all of them lost their parents, survived and became great masters.

We plan to exhibit works of Bahytnur Burdesbekov, a member of the Union of Artists and Designers, holder of three gold medals in international competition “Arai-Expo” (2011, New York, USA).

There will be more interesting events for the guests and residents of our beautiful city.