Kazakhstan Ranks Higher than France in Free Economy List

Jan 20. Kazakhstanlive

Kazakhstan Ranks Higher than France in Free Economy ListKazakhstan is ranked 65th in the ranking of the top free economies of the world made by the Heritage Foundation. Kazakhstan scored 63.6 points and its rating gained 1.5 points more than last year.

The Heritage Foundation’s ranking is based on four criteria: interference of the state into the economic activities, rule of law, openness of markets and regulatory efficiency. The countries with over 80 points fall into ‘free economies’ category. The countries that scored from 70 to 79.9 points are called ‘mostly free’. Economies of the countries with 60-69.9 points are ‘moderately free’ and the countries with less than 50 points are called ‘mostly unfree’.

Hong Kong has retained its #1 ranking for the 18th time in a row. It is followed by Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland. The U.S. are ranked 10th, Great Britain is 14th, Germany is 26th, France is 67th and Saudi Arabia is ranked 74th.