Kazakhstan takes successive steps to develop its democracy, US observer


Olga Petrenko

Kazakhstan takes successive steps to develop its democracy, US observer“The snap elections to the Kazakh Majilis (lower chamber) and maslikhats (local representative bodies) held on Sunday demonstrated that the young country moves towards the development of its democracy,” US observer, senior advisor of the International Tax and Investments Centre (IT IC) Douglas Alan Townsend said.

The foreign observer also noted good organization of the elections. According to him, the voting process ran without any violations.

“The current elections are of great importance for Kazakhstan for the country will no longer has a one-party Parliament,” Douglas Alan Townsend stressed.

“The multi-party system in Kazakhstan is a key part of the democracy. We are confident that the parties’ activity should be based on the principals that reflect diverse interests of the people of Kazakhstan. The decision to establish the multi-party Parliament is a significant step towards the democracy, the way that Kazakhstan has been moving for 20 years in a row,” he added.


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Kazakhstan made one more confident step towards democratic development – Great Britain’s MP


Kanat Kulshmanov

Kazakhstan has made one more confident step towards democracy. International observer of the elections in Kazakhstan, member of the Parliament of Great Britain Michael Thomas Hancock has said today in Astana.

“I saw a lot of enthusiasm among voters. The voter turnover was high,” he told a briefing.

“Owing to these elections you showed to all international organizations, such as the Council of Europe, EU, OSCE, that Kazakhstan made one more confident and right step to democratic development,” the observer thinks.

According to him, the country’s people should further support the process of democracy, hence Kazakhstan moves in the right direction.

Member of the European Parliament B?la Kov?cs gave his estimation to the parliamentary elections. “Yesterday we visited all polling stations and our impressions were quite positive,” has said.

“Observers from all seven parties were at every station, I think it is very important,” he noted.

“Three parties will be represented in the Majilis. Let’s give new parties a chance to show, what they can. I hope, that this growing country will play a main role as a regional leader,” Senator of the Belgian Parliament Paul Wille resumed.


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CIS Observation Mission welcomes democratic elections in Kazakhstan


Serik Sabekov

Elections in Kazakhstan have provided the free expression of will by the electors of this country, head of CIS Observation Mission Vladimir Garkun told a press conference in Astana on Monday.

According to him, the elections were open, transparent, competitive and with full expression of will by the electors.

He said that in the course of monitoring no violations that could affect the election results were recorded, and the mission believes that the elections meet the country’s electoral law and correspond to democratic norms.


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Process of active formation of democratic political market underway in Kazakhstan – Zahariev


Berik Bekmurzayev

The process of active formation of the democratic political market by closing a number of political structures and parties is underway in Kazakhstan.

Bulgarian observer Zahary Zahariev has announced at a briefing following the results of the elections of deputies of the Majilis and the maslikhats in Almaty.

“The elections are a very important step towards development of the civil society. The liberalization process of the elections and public-political life democratization through the fair elections lead the country forward,” the foreign observer said.

The observer emphasized that Kazakhstan and Bulgaria have a close tie; he reminded that Bulgaria was the first in Europe which stood for Kazakhstan’s presidency of the OSCE.


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Voter turnout at elections in Kazakhstan high – former Lithuanian PM K.Prunskien?


Kanat Kulshmanov

The elections in Kazakhstan are normal, the voter turnout is high. International observer, former Prime Minister of Lithuania Kazimira Prunskien? has told a briefing in Astana.

“I visited five polling stations, and I want to say, that the elections are being held in normal mode as in other countries,” K.Prunskien? said.

“The voter turnout is active, and I have not observed any deviations from the requirements and democratic norms. At every station I talked to observers, they represent various parties and international organizations,” she noted.

“I have no criticisms,” the international observer resumed.