ENRC modernizes to boost ferrochrome exports

January 13. Universal Newswires

ENRC modernizes to boost ferrochrome exportsKazakh mining titan Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation (ENRC) is modernizing its ferroalloy plant with a view of ramping up the country’s export of ferrochrome by 16 percent, a senior ENRC official said Friday.

A new modern production facility under construction is ENRC’s fourth at the sprawling complex in Western Kazakhstan where more than 440,000 tons of high quality ferrochrome is produced, the Trend news agency reported ENRC co-founder Alexander Mashkevich as saying.

The company plans to fully replace its outdate production facilities with advanced innovative technologies, said Mashkevich, who has a 15 percent stake in the company.

The project should lead to a 16 percent increase in Kazakhstan’s export potential of ferrocrome, he said.

The new technologies will also result in a threefold decrease in the amount of solid emissions produced at the plant, located in Aktobe province, he said.

The London-registered company is one of the world’s largest integrated mining, processing, and energy and logistics firms.

Located primarily in Kazakhstan, the company has six units – ferroalloys, iron ore, aluminum, other non-ferrous metals, logistics, and energy.

Its ferroalloys division makes close to half the company’s operating profit, with iron ore coming second by with another one-third.