EU Bans Zambia, Kazakhstan Airlines, Allows Indonesians

July 14. Dow Jones. BRUSSELS

EU Bans Zambia, Kazakhstan Airlines, Allows IndonesiansThe European Commission has removed a ban on flying to Europe on four Indonesian airlines, and has banned all airlines from Zambia and Kazakhstan, except Air Astana, it said Tuesday.

The commission has a “black list” of airlines that aren’t allowed to fly to the European Union because of safety concerns, and it updates it regularly.

“Since the imposition of the ban in July 2007, four air carriers – Garuda Indonesia, Airfast Indonesia, Mandala Airlines and Premiair – can be taken off the list, because their authority ensures that they respect the international safety standards,” the commission said in a statement.

Other airlines have been banned because of safety deficiencies, it said, while Air Astana’s operations have been placed under severe restrictions in the E.U, the Commission said.

Thailand’s One Two Go was also removed from the list because the country’s authorities revoked its certificate, the commission said.

Following this latest update, the E.U. has a full ban on nine airlines, while a further seven are allowed to operate under certain restrictions.