Atyrau oil refinery moves closer to complete full modernization – Director General Baitaziyev


Andrei Sokolov

Atyrau oil refinery moves closer to complete full modernization - Director General BaitaziyevAtyrau oil refinery, which in late 2011 signed agreement establishing an integrated refining complex at the enterprise, is at the finish line to complete the project of full modernization. Talgat Baitaziyev, Director General of Atyrau Oil Refinery, told Kazinform correspondent about the project’s expected efficiency.

– Establishing a new complex at the factory is quite expensive. So let’s start with the most important: explain what benefits we get when the project is completed?

– The cost of the project is USD 1.67 billion. But the most important and meaningful for all, in my opinion, is that an integrated refining complex will increase production of high octane gasoline, jet and diesel fuel. And not only that. The development of the oil refining sector, and the entire oil and gas industry in Kazakhstan will depend on this project.

It suffices to say that the project will increase the depth of oil refining to 85 percent and enable to produce motor fuels that meet Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards. Production of high-octane gasoline will be increased from the current 600 tons to 1 million 743 thousand tons per year. Production of diesel fuel will also grow up to 1 million 400 thousand tons per year.

– At what stage is the project that is included in the State Program of Forced Industrial Innovative Development?

– On the eve of New Year LLP “Atyrau Oil Refinery” and a consortium of Sinopec Engineering, Marubeni Corporation, JSC OJCC KazStroyServis signed agreement on construction of an integrated refining complex at Atyrau oil refinery.

The facility is built under the State Program of Forced Industrial Innovative Development of Kazakhstan. It is planned to be built in 41 months. Licensing agreements have already been signed with French companies Axens and Prosernat, American UOP, Italian Foster Wheeler and Russian JSC “Omskneftehimproekt.”

– At the very beginning of the project there were some fears that it may negatively affect the environment of the region. What has been done to respond to these fears?

– We have held public hearings on the “Assessment of environmental impact” of the project of integrated refining complex. The project passed all the stages of approval in the state authorized bodies of Kazakhstan for the subsequent state expertise. When building a complex of integrated refining we strive to protect the environment of the region from the effects of new production. That is why we will create a green zone around the oil refinery, and the inhabitants of the houses in the vicinity of the plant will be moved to a safer place.

– In what way are you planning to achieve a desired effect from the complex?

– Our project is a radical solution to increase the refining depth at the enterprise. It is associated with the introduction of secondary processes providing additional depth of refining. First of all, this is coking, vacuum unit AVT-3, as well as the introduction of the basic process of deep oil refining, such as catalytic cracking.

– What is a planned output?

– The complex’s planned output is 2.4 million tons per year. These volumes will allow Kazakhstan to stop importing light oil products, and fully meet the needs of the country in high-quality gasoline. In other words, the complex will allow us to perform one of the key instructions of the President of Kazakhstan – to gain independence from external suppliers of fuel.