Survey forecasts election turnout at 98.6%

January 9. Interfax-Kazakhstan. Almaty

Survey forecasts election turnout at 98.6%The survey conducted by Kazakhstan’s think-tank, Center of Political Studies Alternative, suggests high voting attendance at the early parliamentary elections on January 15.

“The majority of respondents have plans to go voting in the upcoming elections (98.6%). Only 1.4% of the respondents crossed out such option,” according to the survey published on Monday.

The think tank cited the equally dominating reasons not to go to the polls, which are distrust of all political parties, no time to spare and health condition (17.6%).

Meanwhile, the survey also revealed electoral preferences of the respondents.

Thus, Nur Otan (78.2%) ranks first followed by Ak Zhol (14.3%).

The Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan, according to the survey gained 2.5% votes, while the opposition National Social Democratic Party (NSDP) won 2.3%.

Adilet (0.5%), the Party of Patriots (0.5%) and Auyl (0.3%) scored less than 1%.

The two top parties, according to the survey, may vie for the electorate more than others, since the core of their voters is composed of similar social and gender category: mostly male (69.6% and 59.9%) of Kazakh ethnicity (80.1% and 64%) in 30-39 age group (56.1% and 29%) and urban residents (87.5% and 77.3% respectively).

Adilet (83.3%), Auyl (75%), the Party of Patriots of Kazakhstan (66.6%) and NSDP (63.3%) are more popular among women.

The survey polled 1,200 respondents from January 2 to 8 in 14 regions and the cities of Astana and Almaty.

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Three parties likely to get through to Kazakhstan parliament – poll

January 9. Interfax. Astana

Most eligible voters in Kazakhstan plan to come to polling stations in the January 15 parliamentary elections.

Asked whether they will vote in the upcoming parliamentary elections, 69.3% of respondents said firmly they would and another 10% said their participation in voting was likely, Yulia Kuchinskaya, the director of the Institute of Democracy think tank, said at a news conference in Astana on Monday.

Specifically, 80.1% of those polled said they would vote for the governing Nur Otan party, 7.3% for the Ak Zhol party and 7.1% for the Communist People’s Party, she said.

One percent of those questioned were undecided.

The poll was conducted on January 4 to 6 and involved 1,500 respondents.

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Televised debate of political parties participating in elections of Majilis deputies to be held Jan 12


Askar Bimendin

Today the Central Election Commission of Kazakhstan has adopted a resolution to hold televised debate of political parties participating in the early elections of deputies of the Majilis.

CEC member Lyazzat Suleimen has read out the corresponding resolution.

“Khabar Channel will hold the political debate. One representative from each political part is invited to the debate. Two topics: “Economy is a basis of success of the country” and “Development of the human capital in Kazakhstan” are suggested for discussions,” Lyazzat Suleimen said.