Several Members of the Kazakhstan USDP Party Announced their Resignation

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Several Members of the Kazakhstan USDP Party Announced their ResignationSeveral members of the party USDP declared their withdrawal from it, among them Nurlan Ayshimbaev, Marat Rgaliyev, Nurlan Chudabaev and Ermek Murzahmetov.

The reason for this decision – frustration of ordinary members in the policy of the Republican leadership of the party. About this they said at a press conference in Almaty. According to them, they are dissatisfied with “warlordism” and the indifferent attitude of some leaders of the NSDP to the needs of ordinary party members, not knowing the situation on the ground.

They believe that during the campaign USDP increasingly slipping into commercials individuals who need power for their own interests.

Former members of the USDP have already submitted applications to join the Democratic Party “Ak Jol”, which they believe is closest to the people. According to Nurlan Ashimbaev, this party is not on the split in society and to unite people.

“Update the party” Ak Jol “led by Azat Peruashevym impressed me, because I have been observing the activities of Azat Peruasheva. I sympathetic to it by their actions, attitudes, and specificity in dealing with certain issues,” – said Nurlan Ayshimbaev.