Parliamentary Election Campaign Coverage

Dec 27. MFA

Parliamentary Election Campaign CoverageThe Central Election Commission (CEC) has accredited 244 observers from four international organizations and 15 foreign countries, Tatiana Okhlopkova, member of the CEC, announced on Dec.27.

According to the CEC, 74 of them are representatives of the OSCE/ODIHR, 102 are members of the CIS mission, 9 observers are from the SCO mission, 9 people represent the Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States and 50 people are observers from 19 foreign countries.

“The National Public Commission for control over the early elections of deputies to the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan” organized a round table “Elections-2012: A Responsible and Measured Approach” in Astana on Dec.27. Political parties participating in the election, representatives from the OSCE/ODIHR mission, Prosecutor General’s office, the CEC, and the media attended the event.

The participants agreed on the need to strictly observe electoral legislation; to be jointly responsive to the acts of its violation; to develop a constant dialogue and collaboration with different participants of the electoral process; to develop cooperation with accredited international observers to jointly monitor processes; to ensure responsible and balanced approach when choosing methods and techniques for conducting election campaign, refraining from the use of “black PR” and “dirty” technologies; to objectively cover the campaign in the media based on compliance with the law and professional ethics of journalists.

The Public Commission has once again confirmed its commitment to be objective and impartial, free from the influence of any political parties competing in the elections of the Majilis of the Parliament.

The CEC is currently considering the possibility of conducting televised debates, and encourages political parties to prepare thoroughly to present their campaign platforms to voters.

Meanwhile, one political party participating in the race has called for the cancellation of the parliamentary elections in light of the events in Zhanaozen. “We proposed to declare days of mourning and offered to postpone the election,” Bulat Abilov, ASDP’s co-chairman said during a round table discussion on the upcoming parliamentary elections in Astana.

Kuandyk Turgankulov, the CEC Chairman, informed the CIS Observation Mission of the election campaign in Zhanaozen on Dec.27. “The declared state of emergency limits the abilities of candidates to maslikhats and political parties to campaign. The decree declares the prohibition of meetings, marches, rallies or other events. We compensated this by allocating more money for campaigning through the media, flyers and etc. Election commissions in Zhanaozen are working in a normal mode. Our representative visited all 28 polling stations in Zhanaozen – all of them are well equipped. By January 15, all the polling stations will be ready for the election,” Turgankulov said.

“We believe the fact that the work of election commissions did not stop, but was modified is also positive. And our representatives in the Mangistau region will be observing in the same mode,” Yevgeny Sloboda, head of the CIS Observation Mission, said.

The CEC Chairman said no conflicts have arisen so far in the course of the election campaign. The CEC has received 55 complaints, 17 of them are complaints on the electoral process. “None of the parties informed about any violations of their rights to campaign or to have equal access to the media,” Turgankulov said.

On Dec.27, Kazakhstan’s Prosecutor General Askhat Daulbaev met with Mikl?s Haraszti, head of Mission on Election Observation of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR).

At the meeting Daulbaev informed Haraszti of the election process and the activities of prosecutors in Kazakhstan. He also answered questions about the situation in Zhanaozen and measures being taken to stabilize the situation and restore the town.