Year of development and accelerated growth

Dec 27. Kazpravda

By Magzum Sultangaliyev

Year of development and accelerated growthYesterday President Nursultan Nazarbayev met with the leadership of his Administration, Government, and Nur Otan party: Prime Minister Karim Masimov, the head of the Presidential Administration Aslan Musin, also Cabinet members, heads of state agencies, the President’s press service informed.

The meeting made preliminary tallies of the expiring year, characterized by the President as important and successful. -Kazakhstan completes the year of the 20th anniversary of independence with good performance. Real GDP growth for the year will make 7.3% and per capita will reach $11 thousand, aggregate international reserves exceed $75 billion. Performance in agriculture was good too – the growth of output in industry makes 25.5% compared to last year, construction – nearly 3%, in the industry – about 4%, indices in trade and transport are on the rise too.

The industrialization Map currently includes 609 projects the sum of KZT 9.6 trillion. Over 2 years 90 thousand new jobs opened due to the launched facilities under the Map. Kazakhstan started manufacturing 106 new products, housing program was launched, 53 thousand equity construction holders were bailed out at 389 sites.

Since 2010, under the program “Business Roadmap 2020” 750 projects were approved totaling KZT 240 billion, which also resulted in new jobs and economic recovery.

Nursultan Nazarbayev referred to improvements in the social sphere: the unemployment rate downed to 5.3%, the State 2011-2015 Program on healthcare development “Salamatty Kazakstan” is under implementation, which includes specific indicators on mother and infant mortality and morbidity rate.

The President called 2011 the year of further accelerated economic growth and rise of living standards. Kazakhstanis will see the new, 2012 year in with satisfaction and a sense of duty fulfilled.

– Nevertheless, he conceded, unresolved problems remain. The events in Mangistau region became a serious test for the whole Kazakhstan, in the jubilee year we were challenged in this way with the aim of sowing discord in our society – social, ethnic, religious, and so on. The Prosecutor General’s office, together with the relevant authorities are looking into the causes, and seeking those behind these riots.

The government officials, “Samruk-Kazyna” leadership, commissioned to address the industrial disputes, were inactive and misleading in fact. And now we must learn lessons from these events. The President Administration and the Secretary of State are tasked with proper outreach on the events, local administrations – with solving in due time social problem spots. Holidays are shortly due, he admonished, but local officials must not relax, but work on, and see to smooth running of heat, water and gas supply in the homes, and handle other socially significant issues, especially given a cold winter this year.

Each local governor should promptly react to all the people’s complaints and applications. No red tape! The local media will duly update on the progress of addressing them.

Next year a new wave of global financial and economic crisis is expected, for which Kazakhstan has been long preparing too, and once it starts it should not take anyone off guard. We need to abandon wasteful habits, expensive and showy events, presentations and conferences. That has to be stopped, – said Nursultan Nazarbayev underscored.

From January Kazakhstan will be in a common economic space with Russia and Belarus, which opens up new opportunities for domestic enterprises, new markets. Alongside with it Kazakh companies enter into a new competitive field with our partners. Domestic manufacturers must be ready for it to emerge stronger and prepared for competition of the WTO scale.

The Government, the Presidential Administration, ministries and agencies are tasked to outreach on the SES rules, all the benefits and risks, particularly among small and medium businesses. The industrialization program will remain in the spotlight as a primary goal. Every minister in this period is personally responsible for the condition and operation of his incumbent industry. Minister of Transport and Communications, for one, will be personally accountable for delay of flights and trains, governor – for accident in heating systems.

The Prime Minister will take the work of each ministry and agency to his personal control.

Nursultan Nazarbayev forbade senior officials of the Government, ministries and departments, all governors to celebrate New Year and other public holidays abroad. They ought to celebrate them in their country, with their people!

In the campaigning time all the conditions need be created for the holding of open, fair and transparent elections, impeccable work of the election commissions. Significance of parliamentary elections and need to vote should be brought home to Kazakhstanis. It is important to encourage them to come to polling stations and perform their civic duty.

– Peace and further fulfillment of our programs for the people’s benefit will largely depend on what Parliament we will elect. In terms of possible impending crisis and volatility, we need to further protect and strengthen the national unity, that’s our permanent care.

During the elections there are always individuals willing to play ethnic and religious trump card, and such attempts need be rebuffed as contrary to our principles, to the stability and development of our statehood. That’s where Kazakhstan People’s Assembly will be tapped.

– Elections should further rally us around our topmost values – stability, unity and solidarity. That’s a sole way to progress. Specific assignments were given in the end.