Parliamentary Election Campaign Coverage

Dec 23. MFA

Parliamentary Election Campaign CoverageAzat Peruashev, Chairman of the Akzhol Democratic Party of Kazakhstan noted in his recent interview that demand for change is the essence of the party’s election platform entitled “Changes to Move Forward”.

“Our greatest ambition is to extend, or rather strengthen the parliament’s authority and restore the balance of the system of checks and balances, which will allow the Parliament to adopt laws and the ministries and departments to perform them. In fact, it is about the transition from the current presidential republic to a presidential-parliamentary system, albeit a gradual one,” he said.

The Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan (CPPK) launched a campaign train along the route Astana – Ekibastuz – Pavlodar – Semipalatinsk – Ust-Kamenogorsk on Dec.22. Among the participants are party leaders Vladislav Kosarev, Zhambyl Akhmetbekov, Boris Sorokin and Gaukhar Nugmanova.

According to Vladislav Kosarev, the party secretary: “This is our first trip outside of Astana, we will pass two Oblasts, five towns and nine regional centres and about fifty settlements. We will meet with CPPK candidates for Maslikhat, whose number reaches 120 people. We will help them in carrying out their campaign as well as meet local people and urge them to vote for the CPPK.”

Members of other parties, including the Party of Patriots in Almaty, the Auyl Party in Kostanai, and the Adilet Party in Astana, continued their election campaigns, the Khabar TV channel reported on Dec.22.

The Central Election Commission (CEC) says elections in Zhanaozen, where the state of emergency is declared, will be valid and legal.

The CEC strongly disagreed with an opinion that Majilis elections will be illegitimate in light of the announcement of state of emergency in Zhanaozen. Durign a CEC regular meeting on Dec.22, the head of CEC Kuandyk Turgankulov noted that a state of emergency does not prohibit holding elections, and the CEC now takes all measures to ensure the rights of candidates and voters guaranteed by the state with due account for restrictions established by the presidential decree declaring the state of emergency in the town of Zhanaozen.

“The restrictions do not apply to absolute rights and freedoms established in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, but only somewhat narrow down the range of ways of campaigning. All the political parties and candidates will be in equal positions, but equally constrained by choice of forms and methods of campaigning,” he said.

Turgankulov also added that all observers and experts, including observers from foreign states and international organizations will be provided full access to Zhanaozen, as well as information about the electoral process, the work of election officials, and the activities of all participants in the electoral process.

CEC also announced on Dec.23 that it will allocate additional funds to the Zhanaozen’s election commission to finance campaigning by candidates for Majilis and local maslikhats.

On Dec. 23 the Commission accredited another 38 observers, including 34 representing the CIS mission and 4 foreign observers, making the overall number of accredited observers totaling 99 people.

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Kazakhstan expects 75 percent voter turnout in Jan 15 parliamentary elections


Damir Baimanov

According to a voting intention survey conducted by InfoSystem research center for Media Astana public association, 75.2 percent of Kazakhstanis will go to the parliamentary elections scheduled for 15 January 2012.

However, 9.5 percent of respondents refused to vote in the polls.

The survey covered 1597 respondents in 14 regions of Kazakhstan and in the cities of Almaty and Astana during the period of December 4 – 23.

The survey results also show rating of Kazakhstan’s political parties. 80.1 percent of respondents are going to vote for Nur Otan People’s Democratic Party, 7 percent for Akzhol Party and 2.1 percent for the Nationwide Socio Democratic Party.