Independence Anniversary Declaration as New Page in Kazakhstan’s History

Dec 13. MFA

Independence Anniversary Declaration as New Page in Kazakhstan’s HistoryOn the eve of the December 16th celebrations, the Parliament of Kazakhstan adopted a special Declaration dedicated to this significant date – the twentieth anniversary of state independence. This political and legal document reflects the main stages of the country’s development and state-building since 1991, highlighting the importance of the development course chosen by the country, which is now known as the Kazakhstan path. In addition, the Declaration calls on future generations to preserve and strengthen independence with its core values of freedom, unity, and stability.

The first twenty years of Independence have become the evidence of Kazakhstan’s success achieved under the leadership of President Nursultan Nazarbayev and owing to patriotism, indomitable will, and selfless efforts of all Kazakhstan people, their unity and solidarity for the sake of prosperity and well-being of their Motherland, the Declaration says.

The Document highlights the importance of the Constitution adopted on August 30, 1995, which served as a legal basis for the successful development of the country. As a result of the constitutional evolution and the phased reform of the legal system, the country created a balanced and effective system of government.

The development of Kazakhstan is implemented based on strategic plans and programmes such as the Strategy “Kazakhstan – 2030,” aimed at ensuring the country’s prosperity and security, as well as improving the welfare of Kazakhstan citizens, the Document says.

“Kazakhstan has systematically and consistently strived to achieve and comply with international standards in the sphere of human rights. The Republic has formed an effectively operating system of protection of people and citizens. It has ratified the basic international treaties, defining the fundamental rights and freedoms.”

The Declaration describes political stability and unity of people as the country’s main social values. “Kazakhstan has managed to avoid social and ethnic conflicts.”

The Document further highlights the main economic achievements in the past two decades. “During the years of independence, the country’s economy has achieved high growth rates. It has harmoniously integrated into the world economic system, gained a solid margin of safety that allowed adequately counter the effects of external economic crises.”

“Kazakhstan has successfully implemented a programme of transition to a market economy, formed effectively functioning financial and banking systems and institutions of development and economic management. During the years of independence the gross domestic product has increased ten times.”

Kazakhstan has set new tasks to diversify economy and shift it towards a non-commodity, high-technology path and has adopted the State Programme for Accelerated Industrial and Innovative Development, which is now gaining momentum, the Document says.

“Kazakhstan is included in the top fifty countries of the world in a global ranking of the public welfare and became one of the three fastest growing economies in the world.”

The volume of the state budget allocated to the development of social infrastructure, health services, education, science, culture, and sports is annually increasing. The youth policy is carried out purposefully, according to the Declaration.

Moreover, the Republic has achieved significant progress in the field of national security. It has established effective Armed Forces, formed bodies of law enforcement and protection of national security of the country.

The successful legalisation and delimitation of the state border are among the most important achievements of the sovereign Kazakhstan, the Declaration highlight.

As for the foreign policy achievements, the Document emphasises Kazakhstan’s active participation in global and regional international organisations for security and cooperation and its success in building harmonious relationships of strategic partnership with the world’s leading countries.

“Kazakhstan’s chairmanship of the OSCE and the OIC, the most influential international organisations today, has become the evidence of the high authority of Kazakhstan. The Republic’s multi-vector foreign policy has proved its effectiveness. The Republic is actively promoting dialogue between the West and the Islamic world as a link in the negotiation process between civilizations.”

The Document also highlights that the independent Kazakhstan has become one of the leaders of the global anti-nuclear movement.

It also underscores the country’s integration efforts. “The Eurasian idea of the President of Kazakhstan justifying the need of integration on the post-Soviet space has confirmed its historical correctness. The creation of the Customs Union with a further transition into the Single Economic Space facilitates the tasks of creating a competitive economy.”

Moreover, Kazakhstan is at the forefront of integration processes in Central Asia, provides economic and political assistance to the countries of the region, and actively uses its influence in the international organizations to support common regional interests, according to the Declaration.

“The present achievements of the country are the legacy for future generations, and a reliable basis for building a strong, independent and dynamically developing Kazakhstan in the twenty-first century,” the Declaration concludes.