Silent Steppe Cantata Premiere to take place Dec 10 in Astana


Silent Steppe Cantata Premiere to take place Dec 10 in AstanaOn December 10, at 17:00, The Silent Steppe Cantata, a major cultural collaboration between American composer Anne LeBaron and Kazakhstani tenor Timur Bekbosunov, will take place at Congress Hall in Astana.

This innovative composition expands the classical music cantata form into a multilingual/world-music cantata for the 21st century fusing epic Kazakh poems with contemporary music.  Composer Anne LeBaron is widely recognized for her work in the instrumental, electronic and performance spheres in the United States.  Renowned Kazakhstani tenor Timur Bekbosunov will sing the libretto.  The three-year process of producing the cantata is the subject of a documentary, The Nomad’s Song, by acclaimed American filmmaker Sandra Powers, the press service of the US Diplomatic Mission to Kazakhstan reports.

This multi-year project, together with the support of the Ensemble of folk instruments “Saryarka” and the Chamber choir of the State Philharmonic of Astana represents true artistic collaboration between the United States and Kazakhstan and a significant cultural contribution to the 20th anniversary celebrations of Kazakhstan’s independence.