‘Chronicle of Independence’ exhibition opens in Astana


Murat Zhakeyev

'Chronicle of Independence' exhibition opens in AstanaThe ‘Chronicle of Independence’ exhibition dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence has opened at the Museum of the First President of Kazakhstan in Astana.

By means of unique historical documents, archival photos and videos, newspaper articles the exhibition reveals the process of gaining, establishing and strengthening the independence of Kazakhstan, as well as the achievements of Kazakhstan in the international arena.

For example, the section “Kazakhstan has its way, its future!” reflects important historical events from December 1986 till the adoption of the Constitutional Law of “On State Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

The section “Symbols of Independence” represents materials that reflect the period of establishing the state symbols of Kazakhstan – coat of arms, flag, anthem, and the adoption of the national currency and the Constitution of Kazakhstan.

The exhibition will last till 21 January 2012.