We are ready to propose Kazakhstan our products and innovation technologies, director general of Slovenian House in Kazakhstan


Meyram Baigarin

We are ready to propose Kazakhstan our products and innovation technologies, director general of Slovenian House in KazakhstanIn the context of the basic ideas of the Path to Europe Programme Kazakhstan has been actively developing economic, scientific-technical, and cultural cooperation with the EU countries, including the former Eastern bloc. One of those countries is Slovenia, the first state among the former members of the Warsaw Treaty Organization to adopt the single European currency.

Director General of the Slovenian House in Kazakhstan Joseph Meh told Kazinform Agency about the cooperation ties between Kazakhstan and Slovenian business structures and what Slovenia may offer Kazakhstan.

-Could you tell us about the activity of the Slovenian House in Kazakhstan and what is being done to develop Kazakh-Slovenian cooperation?

-The Slovenian House is a commercial centre set up to foster the ties between Kazakh and Slovenian companies. Though several Slovenian companies work in Kazakhstan supplying pharmaceuticals and kitchen equipment, not many businessmen of our country know about Kazakhstan’s market, its business environment, and government measures to support foreign investors. Therefore, our key goal is as well as possible to inform Slovenian businessmen of Kazakhstan, its environment, and to learn Kazakh market in order to define the most promising lines of cooperation. With this in view we plan a series of business forums in Kazakhstan and next year in Slovenia. For example, on November 16-17 we will host a tourist forum in Astana, and then the forum on alternative energy sources. We have invited Slovenian companies manufacturing equipment for solar and wind energy and biogas – a generator for agricultural farms. Our first negotiating partners were KAZNEX INVEST Agency, KazAgro Hodling, Kazakh Tourist Organization, etc.

It is noteworthy that during the visit of our President Danilo T?rk to Kazakhstan in November 2009 the countries signed a series of agreements to afford new opportunities for successful bilateral cooperation. The commodity turnover between the nations made EUR 83.5 mln in 2010.

-What goods or technologies, in your opinion, could be of great interest for Kazakhstan?

-But for clean technologies, pharmaceuticals, we also can boast of our beautiful nature, well developed and widely available tourist sector.

We are interested in Kazakhstan’s Forced Industrial and Innovation Development Programme. I would like to note that Slovenia produces biogas power plants. A presentation of KETER ORGANICA Company’s latest model biogas powerhouse took place this September. 10 boigas power stations have been already put into operation in our country with aggregate capacity of 14.7 mW. They power about 40,000 private households and dozens of greenhouses.

Besides, Slovenia manufactures a variety of equipment for animal farms and animal production processing plants. Metal construction, car manufacturing, wood-working, textile, chemical industries of Slovenia are also quite well-developed. Pipistrel Company is expected in Kazakhstan November this year to make a presentation of its multi-purpose aircrafts. The company intends to offer Kazakhstan to build a joint aircraft building plant.

-What Kazakhstani goods could appeal to Slovenian companies?

-First of all, our companies are interested in raw material – oil and metal, such as iron, aluminum and zinc. As I mentioned above we have agreed with KAZNEX INVEST to hold a forum in Slovenia letting Kazakhstan represent its goods. We also consider important to hold a special investment conference to negotiate certain projects. Kazakhstan’s economy needs new technologies at large and the Slovenian market requires new markets. I believe we have good prospects for the development of bilateral ties.

-Could you brief on Slovenia’s agriculture?

-For the most part there are smallholdings in Slovenia. Most of them are engaged in the production of green products that have become very popular in Europe. It means they produce vegetable and meat products without the use of chemicals and hormonal prepartions. We also do not cultivate genetically modified plants.

We know that Kazakhstan has set task to give a potent impetus to the development of the country’s husbandry and make the country lead the region, maybe even the world as a meat exporter. Two scientific and research institutes of Slovenia support the farm sector and render assistance to farmers to implement new production technologies.

-Does your country practice some special government measures to support export-oriented companies?

-Sure, we have a specialized bank to provide financial support to Slovene companies working overseas. I would like to highlight that we are always open for cooperation and are ready to propose both products and innovation technologies for the development of Kazakhstan’s industry and economy.