Kazakh and Russian presidents unanimous about enormous potential of Eurasian integration

October 25. Interfax-Kazakhstan. Astana

Kazakh and Russian presidents unanimous about enormous potential of Eurasian integrationThe concept of Eurasian integration has enormous potential, said the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.

“In the 21st century the outlines of the Eurasian integration concept has started to come out. Over 10 years the Eurasian economic community has been in action. The Customs Union of Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia is a core of the Common Economic Space that will start operating since January 1, 2012,” Nazarbayev said to the participants of the international scientific forum “Kazakhstan and Concept of Eurasian Union in a New World.”

“Today the Eurasian idea has millions of followers. It is seen as a great civilizationary prospect. This is an opportunity for our countries to take its due place in the global world, and for our people to reach a new level of economic, cultural and humanitarian cooperation. This is our common future that we are creating right now,” stressed the President.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev was quoted as saying in his welcoming speech that “a strategic partnership of Russia and Kazakhstan defines sustainable dynamics of integration processes and helps strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation.”

“Due to the coordinated efforts we have managed to achieve significant results: the successfully operating Customs Union and soon-to- be Common Economic Space. The Eurasian Economic Union is the next step to achieve a higher level of integration,” Medvedev,” said.