Weekly Review: Kazakhstan deepens coop with neighboring countries, improves business climate


Muratbek Makulbekov

Weekly Review: Kazakhstan deepens coop with neighboring countries, improves business climateKazakhstan extends its ties with non-CIS states and furthers cooperation within the CIS, EurAsEC and Customs Union. The country improves its tax system and develops e-government, implements housing utilities sector modernization program.

On Monday, October 17, the Kazakh MFA’s official representative told about the forthcoming visit of the Colombian delegation to Kazakhstan to meet with the country’s authorities and private structures.

On Tuesday, October 18, St Petersburg hosted the meetings of the CIS Heads of Government focused on a wide range of important issues. Following the meetings the Prime Ministers signed 28 documents, including the Free Trade Area Treaty referred to as the St Petersburg Treaty.

The Free Trade Area Treaty is a new trend for the development of our countries,” Kazakh Prime Minister Karim Massimov told a press conference following the results of the Council of CIS countries in Saint Petersburg. Free trade zone in CIS will help stimulate development of trade and attraction of investments into the CIS countries, he added.

On Wednesday, October 19 PM Massimov attended the EurAsEC Interstate Council meeting. Those attending debated the progress of implementation of the Action Plan for the formation of the Single Economic Space grouping Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia.

Besides, the meeting in a five-party format considered the progress of implementation of the Joint Action Plan of the EurAsEC member countries to overcome the impacts of the global financial crisis, formation and organizing of the EurAsEC court activity. “Kazakhstan’s socioeconomic situation is being improved,” Kazakh PM Karim Massimov told in Saint Petersburg. “In 2010 the GDP growth made 7%, for the past nine months of 2011 we have reached almost the same figures. I hope next year the GDP will grow too,” Massimov said at the enlarged session of the EurAsEC Interstate Council.

Deeper integration within the Commonwealth of Independent States provides more opportunities, first of all, to our countries, the Kazakh Prime Minister Massimov went on.

“Establishment of the Customs Union, Single Economic Space, strengthening of cooperation between EurAsEC member states, deeper integration inside the CIS – all this gives additional opportunities to our countries,” he noted.

“We believe that the key issue for the coming years is the struggle for sales markets. In fact our countries represent such markets,” Massimov said.

The Kazakh Premier confirmed Kazakhstan’s plans to join the World Trade Organization.

Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus will establish Eurasian Economic Commission within the framework of the Customs Union and Single Economic Space, Kazakh Prime Minister Karim Massimov said on Wednesday in St. Petersburg.

“I hope we will agree on the establishment of the Eurasian Economic Commission, which could regulate the Single Economic Space,” he noted.

According to Massimov, SES represents deeper integration that can help business get advantages.

Following the results of the sitting of the Supreme Body of the Customs Union heads of government of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus signed the draft Declaration on the Eurasian Economic Integration on Wednesday in St. Petersburg.

The document will be submitted for consideration of the presidents of the three countries.

On Tuesday head of the State Sanitary-Epidemiological Control Committee Zhandarbek Bekshin said that the Healthcare Ministry revises sanitary regulations to implement people’s health and healthcare system code and improve business climate of Kazakhstan. The sanitary laws will be facilitated and adapted to international standards and CU requirements.

1st Vice Premier Umirzak Shukeyev on Thursday surveyed the implementation of housing construction program in Aktobe. Besides, he visited there an innovation technologies exhibition.

Kazakh PM Massimov sent his address to the participants of Kazakhstan’s Business Forum in London started on Thursday. According to him, Kazakhstan is an economic bridge between the West and East.

“In two months we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence. We have passed the way from the Soviet country to the sovereign state. International cooperation and foreign investments were important for the country’s successful development over the years of independence.”

“Kazakhstan and Great Britain joining together efforts can reach further economic growth and prosperity,” the PM added.

Commodity turnover between the two countries reached in 2010 USD 2 bln 204.4 mln. For the period of January-July 2011 the sales hit USD 1 bln 379.3 mln that is 16.3 % more against the analogous period of 2010.