Efforts Aim to Avert Humankind’s Spiritual and Moral Crisis

Oct 18. MFA

Efforts Aim to Avert Humankind’s Spiritual and Moral CrisisAs Kazakhstan celebrates October 18 as the Day of Spiritual Culutre, a 3-day International Research and Practical Conference “Spiritual Culture: A Key to Transformation of the World” kicks off in Astana, Kazakhstan’s capital. The event has gathered representatives of more than 70 countries with the aim of declaring spiritual culture a priority over other values of human civilization.

The meeting is held within the World Forum of Spiritual Culture and appeals for uniting the two wings of spiritual culture: the religious and the secular spirituality. The meeting participants, among whom are highly educated and respected scientists, political leaders, educators, lawyers, writers and activists, also discussed other topics such as social and moral responsibility of government, education in the third millennium, and interaction of spiritual culture and the mass media.

In his welcoming address to the participants of the Forum, Kairat Mami, Chairman of the Senate of the Parliament and the Head of the Secretariat of the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions, delivered by his Deputy Mukhambet Kopeyev, said that the forum “brings together people of different ethnic and religious groups who sincerely wish to embody ideals of friendship, faith, tolerance and cooperation in everyday life”.

Senator Tolegen Mukhamedzhnov, Chairman of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture, said in his speech that in order to establish a world on decent fundamentals it is necessary to reach the enlightenment of the consciousness of all humanity as a single global organism and its rebirth based on values of spiritual culture.

Speaking of the aims and objectives of the Forum at a press briefing on Monday, co-Chairman of the Forum, member of the Russian State Duma Iosif Kobzon called Astana a spiritual capital of the world, the right place to host the World Forum of Spiritual Culture.

Many other participants also voiced their opinions that Kazakhstan is justifiably chosen as a venue for this major event. The inter-ethnic and inter-religious harmony, the success of the three Congresses of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions proved Kazakhstan as a stable and modern state, open to dialogue and rapprochement of cultures.

Later this day, popular director Armand Assante presented his film “Kazakhstan through the eyes of a Hollywood star”. The release of the film has been timed with the Forum and dedicated to Kazakhstan and such significant events as closure of the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site, renunciation of nuclear weapons, and rehabilitation of victims of political repressions. The movie also displays the inter-ethnic and inter-religious accord in Kazakhstan and shows who the people of Kazakhstan are.

Speaking at the press conference, Assante noted that all forms of spirituality are closely linked with the history of Kazakhstan. “There is no better place for holding the Forum of Spiritual Culture than Kazakhstan”, film director emphasized.