Kazakh exports to Ireland skyrocket

Oct 17. Universal Newswires

Kazakh exports to Ireland skyrocketTwo-way trade between Ireland and Kazakhstan is soaring, according to figures cited Sunday by the Irish-based media outlet Independent News & Media.

Irish imports from Kazakhstan soared by 30 times this year to the end of June, compared with the first six months of 2010, Ireland’s leading media company said.

But the overall total volume of Kazakh goods sold to the European country still remains low.

Ireland spent $3.9 million on imports from Kazakhstan between January to the end of June 2011, according to the latest official statistics on trade between the two countries.

The bulk of the imports were made up of purchases of Kazakh-produced pharmaceuticals, the report said.

For its part, Kazakhstan saw a 25 percent increase in imports of Irish goods and services in 2011 against the first six months to the end of June 2010.

Kazakh importers also purchased Irish fish and honey.

Perhaps reflecting a drive to boost education in the fast growing ex-Soviet country, Kazakhstan is also purchasing educational services from Ireland.