KIOGE 2011: priorities, routes, geopolitics. Almaty hosts the Exhibition – Conference “Oil and Gas”

Oct 07. Kazpravda

By Alevtina Donskih

KIOGE 2011: priorities, routes, geopolitics. Almaty hosts the Exhibition - Conference "Oil and Gas"“We do not intend in the future to sign PSA contracts. There are economic and legal reasons, for which in future we refuse from the projects concluded on the basis of production sharing agreements. However, we believe that the legislation on PSA – in terms of attracting investments, technologies, international best management practice of these projects, has played a positive role. But from now on the role and importance of local content must consistently grow.”

This was stated by the Minister of Oil and Gas of Kazakhstan Sauat Mynbayev at the press conference within 19th International Conference and Exhibition KIOGE 2011 “Oil and Gas” in Almaty.

As noted Sauat Mynbayev, in the Ministry’s database of hydrocarbon sector there are 201 contracts, 15 of which were concluded on the PSA principles. This theme is of particular concern to the foreign parties of these agreements, that’s why the minister again clearly specified the position of their department.

– We have no purposeful intention to cancel the contracts only because they are “the PSA”. But the situation when a decision on their termination may be made within the legal framework is quite possible. In particular, one of these contracts was on Adaysk block on which the agreement has expired, and we did extend it.

Continuing this theme, the Minister recalled that the intention and desire of the Ministry is in the fact that all the parties of such agreements should fulfill their obligations, the Government, its departments and contractors.

During the forum, which all these years was held concurrently with the eponymous exhibition and supported by the Ministry of Oil and Gas of RK, Almaty akimat, “KazMunaiGaz and ‘Association KazEnergy, narrow professional issues have been discussed. Actually along with the topics of production, its characteristics, and modern methods and technologies of exploration, national priorities and principles of partnership in mining and processing, much attention was paid to transportation geopolitics.

Among the issues discussed during the current conference, there were prospects for development of oil and gas industry and science, a new stage of development of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium, modern technologies to ensure design location of pipelines, the policy of local content in oil and gas sector , etc.

Today KIOGE 2011 continues its work with involvement of more than a thousand delegates. Minister of oil and gas Sauat Mynbayev shared in the official opening ceremony. The first day of its work showed traditionally high interest in this event: nearly 500 domestic and foreign companies demonstrate their achievements there. It is expected to be visited by 10 000 guests on 5 – 8 September, the vast majority of whom will be the experts of the industry.