New Investment Boosts Construction Sector in Kazakhstan Finds PMR Corporate

Sep 27. Newswire Today

New Investment Boosts Construction Sector in Kazakhstan Finds PMR CorporatePMR Publications has created a timely report to assist them in astute market and competition analysis, and successful strategic planning for the next two years and beyond.

“The construction industry in Kazakhstan resumed growth in 2010, after a slight contraction registered the year before. This was mostly due to a surge in road construction works, where nominal growth in excess of 40% was observed. On the other hand, construction of buildings declined by more than one-third in comparison to 2009, with the situation particularly difficult in housing construction, where private investment has recently been rather weak. However, in 2011 and 2012, growth should already be seen across the construction market, as the government is implementing massive industrialization, infrastructure upgrade and housing construction programmes.”

In order to locate and capitalize on new construction sector opportunities as they arise, you need direct access to the latest news, sharpest analysis, most reliable statistics and knowledgeable forecasting available. Read Construction sector in Kazakhstan 2011, Development forecasts for 2011-2013 today, and refer to this new report from PMR on a regular basis as you monitor market expansion and contemplate new business strategies.

This well-timed document deals first with the overall construction industry, and then proceeds to deeper analysis of each of its three main segments – residential, non-residential and civil engineering. For each category, it provides the latest statistical data on current conditions and highlights the top opportunities for investors, contractors, materials and equipment providers and other diverse types of businesses with interests in the marketplace. Kazakhstan construction has been a subject of interest in the business community, and this report supplies reliable forecasts that clarify long-term market potential and aid in decision making.

In addition to analysis and forecasts for each major market segment, this report analyses trends that will affect market progress, such as prices, salaries, employment levels, levels of foreign and domestic investment, government programmes, cement production and macroeconomic conditions in Kazakhstan. Market values for each segment are provided to 2013, along with values for construction and assembly production for the same time period. Profiles of the major companies, including their financial and strategic information, are among the most useful components of the report.

While preparing Construction sector in Kazakhstan 2011, Development forecasts for 2011-2013 PMR’s expert analysts ( have thoroughly researched all salient aspects of the market, consulted their most reliable sources and created a market guide that answers the questions of readers on all major issues with regard to both the current status and future progression of this dynamic market sector.