Clarification of Andrey Kasheckin’s hour record attempt obtained

Sep 27. VeloNation

By Shane Stokes

Clarification of Andrey Kasheckin’s hour record attempt obtainedRider will target velodrome record rather than targeting Sosenka’s mark

Following indications in the media that Andrey Kashechkin will attempt the world hour record of Ondrej Sosenka, clarification has been sought and obtained about the bid.

Velonation has been told that contrary to those earlier reports on Spanish-language websites, the rider will aim to lay down a mark in the velodrome in Astana, Kazakhstan rather than specifically targeting the 49.7 kilometre record set by Ondrej Sosenka six years ago.

The rider will aim to cover as long a distance as possible in that time, of course, but the success of the attempt will not depend on him beating the mark of Sosenka.

Kashechkin is working with the coach Jaume Mas in his build up. The attempt will take place sometime between November 4th and 6th.

Sosenka is the current holder of the hour record, having beaten Chris Boardman’s previous mark in 2006. This refers to the so-called ‘athlete’s record,’ which is set on traditional bikes with round tubes and standard drop handlebars.

Boardman continues to hold the absolute hour record of 56.375 kilometres, set on a modern bike using the Superman position. That was achieved on September 7th 1996 in Manchester.