“Steppe Eagle 2011” tactical special peacekeeping exercise has started

Aug 08. Defence Professionals

By Oksana Parpura

"Steppe Eagle 2011" tactical special peacekeeping exercise has startedToday tactical special peacekeeping exercise “Steppe Eagle 2011” has began in the training center “Iliskiy”.

This year not only military of the Kazakh Army, the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom and the United States, but also Lithuania and Kyrgyzstan are involved in the exercises.

The exercise attracted more than 1,400 troops and about one hundred units of military and special equipment, as well as military transport aircraft. It should be noted that the joint exercises are held for the ninth time.

The opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Major-General Mukan Dyusekeev, military observers from foreign states, experts from various NATO headquarters and military-diplomatic corps accredited in Kazakhstan.

Goals of the exercise are to check the coherence of KAZBRIG units and Armed Forces of the military alliance during the peacekeeping operations as well as improving practical skills of commanders under continuous management of units, the interaction between them.

The solemn ceremony of special tactical exercise “Steppe Eagle 2011” began with the raising of national flags. To the strains of hymns of participating countries national symbols sailed up into the clouds.

“I welcome all participants of the exercises, including our military colleagues in the vast expanses of Kazakhstan”, said Maj. Gen. Mukan Dyusekeev. “We share a common goal and we have common spirit of brotherhood, and this relationship is strengthened through the generations every time we have the opportunity to participate in joint exercises”.

And the leaders of the exercise from the participating countries in their speech stressed that the inherent military five armies of professionalism, creativity and devotion to military duty to a large extent only contribute to the overall success.

It will be recalled that the “Steppe Eagle” has its origins in 2003. For the first time it was conducted within the framework of bilateral co-operation with Britain. The teaching is aimed at achieving interoperability of “KAZBRIG” in peacekeeping operations and really tests the ability of a peacekeeping brigade to perform tasks in the multinational forces with a unified command.

The value of such events is that a partnership is formed in the field, advanced weapons systems and technology is being developed, exchange of experience is carried out. Firing ground is the best place for the constructive cooperation of the participating countries in strengthening regional and international security.

After the speech of representatives of Kazakhstan’s army and guests, the participants marched in review.

The Exercise “Steppe Eagle 2011” is opened. Now, troops of the multinational force will practice to plan and conduct peace-keeping operations around the world.