Kazakhstan plans to extend its diplomatic presence in world


Kazakhstan plans to extend its diplomatic presence in worldOn July 29, during the visiting meeting in the Foreign Ministry of Kazakhstan, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Yerzhan Kazykhanov announced the list of states where Kazakhstan Embassies would be opened in 2012, 2013, 2014. Kazinform refers to PM’s official site.

Over the years of independence of Kazakhstan, 75 foreign establishments of our state have been opened in 56 countries including 46 embassies, 6 diplomatic missions, 8 general consulates and 6 consulates. Concurrently, Kazakhstan is represented in 27 countries of the world. The representations of 107 foreign countries are presently accredited in Kazakhstan. 11 countries also opened their consulates in Kazakhstan in spite of the fact they already had embassies here. Besides, it should be noted that 17 countries also have their honorary consuls in our country and three states – Russia, Austria and Denmark have their trade representations in Almaty. Moreover, 20 international organizations are also represented in our country.

On the instructions given by the Head of State, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan has prepared and developed a prospective plan on opening and reorganization of foreign establishments of our state for 2012-2014 in consideration of three year budget financing.

The developed plan has three main directions:

Opening new embassies.

Reorganization of diplomatic missions into embassies.

Activity of the consular service.

The plan is called on to assist in realization of foreign policy of Kazakhstan approved by the President of the country. Y. Kazykhanov said that while preparing the plan the Ministry took into account the national interest s of the country and tasks of consistent deepening and strengthening of cooperation of the country with the leading states of the world. Strengthening of the positions of Kazakhstan in geopolitically important regions and world organizations was also the key while developing the plan.

Besides, the principle of mutuality was taken into account. In particular, it was the presence of representations and diplomatic missions of foreign countries in Kazakhstan.

In 2012, Kazakhstan plans to open its Embassies in the biggest Muslim country – Indonesia, world’s 7th economy – Brazil and in Finland which is an important partner of Kazakhstan in North Europe.

In accordance with the plan, Kazakhstan will open new Embassies in the Republic of South Africa, Vietnam and Sweden in 2013. Our Embassies in these countries will work concurrently with other countries of the region and carry strategic meaning for Kazakhstan.

In 2014, the Kazakh Embassies are planned to be opened in Kenya, Morocco, Mexico, Iraq and Slovakia.

‘This plan is a large-scale and ambitious. I charged the Finance Ministry to consider it,’ Prime Minister Karim Massimov said at the end of the meeting. Kazinform cites the official site of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan.