Interreligious dialogue to bring us to cohesion and stability


Aliya Keldesheva  

“It is of paramount importance to reinforce our collective efforts to promote dialogue in order to curtail intercultural and interfaith misgivings and misunderstandings and create an atmosphere of self-esteem, trust and mutual respect. And each one of us has crucial responsibility in that regard”, Ambassador Joseph Babalola Olabiyi Yai, Chairman of the UNESCO Executive Board emphasized while addressing the third conference of the Congress of the Leaders of the World and Traditional Religions in Astana.

He called the religious meeting in Astana timely. He said: “There is growing recognition that interreligious dialogue is an important vehicle to take on the road to social cohesion and stability everywhere.” 

Joseph Babalola Olabiyi Yai also assured that “UNESCO will continue to cooperate with your countries and all interested parties by taking into consideration the debates and recommendations of this Congress while developing its programme for the promotion of dialogue and peace”