All candidates to Senate named

July 20. Interfax-Kazakhstan. Astana

All candidates to Senate namedOn Wednesday night the nomination of candidates to the Senate, the upper house of the Parliament, that started on June 16 came to an end.

Registration of candidates will continue until July 29. The campaigning is scheduled to last from July 30 till August 17.

Each candidate running for the Senate (the upper chamber of the Kazakh parliament) is to receive 477,000 tenge from the republic’s budget to finance the election campaign.

16 senators are to be elected on August 19 – one from each of the 14 regions, one from Astana and one from Almaty.

According to the Constitution, the Senate includes regional representatives (two from each region and also from Astana and Almaty).

The senators are elected for 6-year’s term. Half of them are elected every three years. The term of that half of senators who were elected on August 19, 2005 expires on November 30, 2011.

The Senate has 47 seats. Each region of Kazakhstan, including the cities of Almaty and Astana, elect two representatives to the Senate and the other 15 senators are appointed by the Kazakh president.