Kazakhstan to introduce regional appeals courts

July 11. Central Asia Newswire

Kazakhstan will introduce appeals courts at the regional level to improve supervision of local jurisdictions, the Kazakh Supreme Court announced on Friday.

Kazakhstan to introduce regional appeals courtsThe announcement came at the end of a high court meeting to review Kazakh court performance in the first half of 2011, the Xinhua news agency reported.

“It is deemed expedient to establish two regional court instances, courts of appeal for appeals against rulings that have not yet entered into force and courts of cassation for appeals against rulings that have already entered into force,” the news agency quoted a Supreme Court statement as saying.

“The fundamental changes will allow the Supreme Court to wield its supervision powers over courts more effectively,” the statement added.

According to the reforming statement, ruling judgments will enter into force on the day the judgment is issued.

Supreme Court deputies in the release criticized the previous method of supervision over lower courts.

“The supervision by the Supreme Court over local courts has been replaced by supervision over specific cases,” the statement read.