Leading grain experts of Kazakhstan to take part in the Analytical forum

July 08. AgriMarket

Leading grain experts of Kazakhstan to take part in the Analytical forumAccording to estimations of APK-Inform Agency, Kazakhstan enters 2011/12 MY with the beginning stocks of wheat at the level of 881 thsd tonnes. The index became the minimum one during the recent 10 years.

The average yield of wheat in 2011/12 MY will increase to the level of 9.2 c/ha compared to results of 2010/11 MY (7.3 c/ha). The growing number of agricultural enterprises applying moisture resource-saving technologies, and favorable weather conditions for sowing works in the current year increased grain yield in the coming season. The sowing areas of the harvest-2011 will be at the level of the previous year (14.3 mln ha). In 2011/12 MY the total supply of wheat with the estimated general production (12.8 mln tonnes) will total 13.7 mln tonnes as opposed to 14 mln tonnes in the current season.

In 2011/12 MY the domestic consumption of wheat in the country is estimated at the level of 9.7 mln tonnes, an increase of 3.2% compared to 2010/11 MY. The increase of the domestic consumption of wheat is caused by the positive dynamics of the livestock complex. In 2011/12 MY exports of wheat from Kazakhstan is estimated at the level of 3.1 mln tons, down 15.5% compared to the export volumes in the current season.

The balance of supply and demand of grains in Kazakhstan, wheat exports trends of the country, and price trends in 2011/12 MY will be the focus of the analytical forum “Russia-Ukraine-Kazakhstan: start of the grain season”.

Within frames of the forum, the leading experts of Kazakhstan – Marat Seysenov, Managing and Commercial Director of JSC “Food Contract Corporation”, and Jeanne Baytemirova, Head of the analytical department of JSC “KazAgroMarketing”, will present own assessment of the situation on the grain market of the country.