Kazakhstan suggests establishing OIC Council of Scientists for Halal industry


Kanat Kulshmanov

Kazakhstan suggests establishing OIC Council of Scientists for Halal industryKazakhstan suggests establishing on the basis of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) Council of Scientists who will offer consultations to the Halal committees around the world. This initiative was announced at the 7th World Islamic Economic Forum in Astana.

It was noted that according to Quran and Sunnah Muslims are forbidden to eat all fanged beasts and birds of prey. Consequently, the use of meat and bone meal in animal feed causes cannibalism. Even when the animal is slaughtered under Sharia law, we can not eat such meat, said Marat Sarsenbayev, representative of Kazakh Industry and Trade Ministry.

The so-called mad cow disease results when cattle eats feed made from meat and bone meal, he stressed. “Thus, the use of such meat (animals fed meat and bone meal) in humans causes symptoms of allergic diseases, sadism, homosexuality, lesbianism, cannibalism,” Sarsenbayev.

In this regard, he proposed to establish a Council of Scientists in OIC, who will collaborate with the Halal committees around the world and will help answer these questions. In this case, the council should include not only religious scholars, but also specialists in the field of medicine, genetics, standardization, certification and other industries.