Kazakhstan proposes initiatives to modernize Muslim countries


Damir Baimanov

Kazakhstan proposes initiatives to modernize Muslim countriesKazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev has announced Kazakhstan’s proposals to modernize Muslim countries.

Speaking at the 7th World Islamic Economic Forum in Astana Nazarbayev noted that Muslim countries must undergo a serious modernization. “Without it the historical lag may be prolonged for another century,” the President said.

“Accurate, balanced choice of a modernization model would be our common contribution to the development of the billion and a half Muslim Ummah. In this regard, Kazakhstan today offers a range of initiatives we could implement together,” Nazarbayev emphasized.

The first initiative is aimed at creating new areas of economic cooperation through the establishment on the basis of the WIEF a dialogue platform of the top ten economies of the Muslim community.

The second proposal is to establish International Innovation Center with the participation of the concerned countries of the Organization of Islamic Conference.

Special attention is paid to the support of small and medium enterprises. Thus, the third idea of Kazakhstan is the formation of a special working group of the WIEF to discuss launching of a special foundation for SMEs under the Islamic Development Bank.

The President stressed that Kazakhstan is interested in cooperation with Muslim countries, in attracting Islamic finance. According to experts, the potential of growth of Islamic investment in Kazakhstan in the coming years is up to USD 10 billion.


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President Nazarbayev condemned global mass media demonizing Islam


Damir Baimanov

President Nursultan Nazarbayev has condemned global mass media demonizing Islam.

“I would like to focus on one common serious problem. Most of global mass media demonize Islam as a threat of national security, cultural and religious foundations. Islam is presented as a religion, which welcomes political violence, extremism and terrorism. We must not put up with such a situation,” the Head of State said at the VII World Islamic Economic Forum in Astana.

“We are based on a belief that terrorism and extremism have nothing in common with great world religions. I call upon to think – the Muslim world is the main goal and target of global terrorism. Every year thousands of innocent people die in the Islamic countries. Is it fair to equate Islam and terrorism?” N.Nazarbayev added.

According to the President, the experience of recent years proves that terrorism is a product of specific powers with a specific goal.

“It is strongly associated not only with transnational crime, trafficking in drugs and weapons, but, unfortunately, it has geopolitical origins,” N.Nazarbayev outlined.

The Head of State called upon the OIC countries to form a positive image of Islam as a religion of peace, welfare, tolerance and fairness.


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President suggests that IDB to finance Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran railway construction


Kanat Kulshmanov

President Nursultan Nazarbayev has suggested activating participation of the Islamic Development Bank in financing of construction of the railway Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran. The Head of State has offered this at the World Islamic Economic Forum in Astana today.

The President noted that presence of transport-communication and logistic schemes is an important condition of enhancement of trade-economic cooperation of the countries of the Islamic world. In this connection, Kazakhstan actively uses its geo-economic position, developing international transit corridor “Western China-Western Europe”, constructing new railways.